There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that God isn’t working in. Reading Isaiah 9-10 will give you insight into how God deals with his children. In Isaiah 9 we read where Israel became arrogant so the Lord raised up enemies against them. Even after being attacked on all sides they still didn’t turn back to God. So right away we see that God is the one who raised up the enemy. He wanted Israel to turn to him but they didn’t. Instead they continued in their pride which only brought further discipline.

   It seems the leaders in Israel were leading them astray. They weren’t taking care of widows or the orphans which is what God is all about. He is looking out for them that can’t look out for themselves. When a society starts to cast off those that are the most in need of assistance it is a sure sign of deep trouble. Through it all God is still in control.

   In chapter 10 we read where Assyria, a godless nation, is God’s chosen instrument to bring judgment to Israel. Amazingly God says Assyria is “The rod of my anger and the staff in whose hands is my indignation, I send it against a godless nation and commission it against the people of my fury…” God was using an unbelieving nation to discipline his very own Israel who were living as if they were independent of him.

   When it comes to being corrected no one escapes. After God accomplishes his plans for Israel through Assyria he then turns to discipline them for not recognizing him as their source. The king of Assyria actually thought he was the one with the power. He said, “By the power of my hand and by my wisdom I did this, for I have understanding; and I removed the boundaries of the peoples and plundered their treasures, and like a mighty man I brought down their inhabitants…” Whenever we get where we think things are about us and what power we have…watch out!

   Of course God saw this whole thing from a completely different angle. He said, “Is the axe to boast itself over the one who chops with it? Is the saw to exalt itself over the one who wields it?” You see we, like the king of Assyria, have to have our eyes opened to see the truth about ourselves.  The king of Assyria had to take his lumps because he had to be shown who really is “Almighty.” As long as we think we’re in charge of something or we have any power apart from God we’re opening the door for a lesson in who really has all the power.

   So you see from these two chapters there is quite the lesson to learn. Just as God used Assyria, Israel’s enemy, to discipline them he uses the enemy even today for our good.If we could ever just get our eyes focused and realize God is in charge of it all and he loves us. The enemy unwittingly does God’s bidding and thinks he’s doing something against us. God is so awesome though he sees things differently. He sees the enemies attacks as the means in which we will turn to the Lord so if the truth is told the enemy is self deceived thinking he’s got some power of his own. Ha! Our part in this is to always look to the Lord and not get caught up in the immediate trial to the point of crediting the enemy with anything as if he’s acting independently. After all, He is still just another axe or saw in God’s hands.    

Written by Louie







2 thoughts on “JUST ANOTHER AXE

  1. This post reminds me of something Devon fromke wrote about..he said when we look at something we should picture ourselves as being inside of god looking at it through gods eyes.

    1. Amen Kenneth. I remember noticing this very thing when reading Ecclesiastes. It says over and over “There’s nothing new under the sun.” When we are looking from an earthly perspective toward the heavenly that’s true. When looking from our position in Christ, in heavenly places, everything is new all the time. God’s mercies really are new every morning!
      thanks Kenneth,

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