Just a little note for today.

If you find yourselves caught in a spin over something all the time, what some call “Drama”, you’re  in the flesh. There are so many well intentioned Christians living in the flesh and are unaware.

Galatians five gives quite a list of things that reveals what we can expect from the flesh. If you are in fights, jealousy, anger, complaints and criticisms you can be sure you are there. The problem seems to be a lack of teaching or understanding how to walk in the Spirit.

Being born again means we are born from above which really means our dead human spirit has been joined to the Holy Spirit; a resurrection of our spirit you could say. Having lived a fair share of life according to how we felt or reasoned is not an easy habit to break. Thank God we don’t have to break it but rather we simply rest and let the Holy Spirit take the reigns.

The Apostle Paul told the Galatians he longed for “Christ to be formed in them.” This means he wanted them to be mature believers that no longer lived in strife and envy with one another. Living in the flesh will never produce the fruit of God. Only the Holy Spirit himself can bring the love, joy and peace we are all looking for. The solution is always to look to Christ and trust that he’s living his life in you. He is the only one that can bring peace to your spirit. Rather than attempt untangling all of the things that are causing the stress and conflict learn to speak the truth by faith.

The truth is Christ in you isn’t confused. He isn’t out of control. He isn’t fearful. It is only when we turn to fix things, or figure them out, in our soul-emotions and intellect-that we find ourselves in the drama. Do yourselves a favor and rest in Christ today and ride out the spin with the Holy Spirit.

Written by Louie


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