When the Apostle Paul asks “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?” Another question must be asked. Why would he say such a thing? What is it about grace that causes us to hear it as a license to sin?

The short answer to that is when flesh hears grace it always hears license. So the solution to this is learning to listen by the Spirit. The Holy Spirit in me doesn’t hear license because he is the one that wants to do what God says to do. Christ in me is not wanting to sin or rebel, so when you hear the message of grace and it sounds as if it is telling us we can just go and sin because we’ll be forgiven anyway, we’re hearing in the flesh.

Romans six begins with the question about continuing in sin and proceeds to remind us why that can’t be the way. Paul spends the entire chapter reminding the believer he has been crucified with Christ. He tells us if we have died to sin how can we still live in it?

Amnesia must be the Christians problem if they continue in sin. We simply have forgotten who we are in Christ; therefore we live as if we are still the old man. If we still see ourselves as the old sinful man it’s only natural that we would think sin will continue to be part of our lives. Paul is telling us, on the other hand, that the old man was crucified with Christ and it is now Christ living in us. Sin is no longer natural to us and that’s why it now bothers you when you find yourself in sin. Before you were born again sin was natural and it didn’t bring guilt with it because you were just acting naturally. Now that the Holy Spirit has taken up residence within, you have become a partaker of “The Divine Nature” ;so while the flesh may hear license the spirit hears how much God loves us. Once we see God’s grace as love we will no longer hear license.



  1. good word louie–I have learned over the years that the only person to listen to is the lord–certainly we do not want to listen to satan or his demon friends and we cannot always trust human or religious talk and lastly our own opinions can be polluted.

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