So many people don’t understand why God gave us his law. Most tend to think he gave it to us so we could keep it but the truth is he gave it to us in order to show us we couldn’t. This may sound strange for those that haven’t been enlightened yet but let me explain.

   The Bible tells us the Law was given not to justify us but to bring us to the knowledge of sin.[1] So the Law is really there to point out sin in our lives not fix it or remove it.

   Upon further investigation we discover in fact the Law was given so sin might increase. What? You’re crazy Louie! Are you telling me God wants us to sin? No. That isn’t exactly what I’m saying, but I am saying the Law makes sin more and more visible in your life. The Bible says, “The Law came in so that the transgression would increase…”[2] You see “Until the Law sin was in the world, but sin is not imputed when there is no law.”[3] Without the Law we would never know there was sin in our lives.

   The Apostle Paul wrestled with this in quite an amazing fashion in Romans 6-8. He said the Law was what revealed to him that coveting was sin. Of course our first reaction is “The Law is bad then.” Paul concluded the Law wasn’t the problem though in fact the Law is holy and good but it was sin in him that was the problem. So you see the Law was pointing out things in Paul’s life he didn’t want to see; things that he didn’t want to admit to but in the end coming to the knowledge of the problem is essential before it can be fixed.

   Today I went to the doctor to have X-Rays done of my chest. The doctor needed to see if my lung had returned to full capacity after having been partially collapsed. The X-Ray showed my lung to be back to normal and that’s good news but what if it didn’t? What if it showed something I didn’t want to see would it be the X-Rays fault? Of course it wouldn’t. The Law of God works in a similar fashion. We look into the Law and it points out sin in our inner man. It shows us things we may not want to see but the Law or X-Ray is an essential part of the process.

   Just as the X-Ray is meant to direct us to the doctor or treatment to heal us, the Law of God is meant to direct us to Christ. The Law (X-Ray) was never given to heal us, nor can it even do so, but it is meant to show us what’s wrong. Paul put it this way “The Law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ.”[4] Once we see the diagnosis as found in the Law we go to Jesus and he does the healing.  

   I thank God for the X-Ray of his Law because without it we would ignorant of our need for Jesus Christ and without him we are without hope. But with Christ in us he is our hope of glory!  

Written by Louie



[1] Romans 3:20

[2] Romans 5:20a

[3] Romans 5:13

[4] Galatians 3:24


2 thoughts on “THE X-RAY OF GOD’S LAW

  1. that is a great post–I printed it up and will make a copy of it on my micro for posting it on my wall–thanks for the good word–I will be praying about you condition and please pray for me I have two jobs offered to me here in Tulsa and I have put the matter in the lords is to work at dollar tree as an assistant manager and the other is to go with federal finance group–I will go with which ever the lord leads.

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