I realize there are some people that simply just don’t get why Tracey and I go to the jail. For some the response is “Those people deserve to be there, they broke the law and that’s what they get.” What they don’t realize is we agree with them, for the most part. If you break the law then you pay the price it’s as simple as that no argument here. On the other hand my question would be “What about the grace of God? Do you think they don’t deserve that?”

You see God’s grace is undeserved, and yet we have received it, therefore want everyone else to have the same opportunity. We don’t have any delusions that we can solve all of the problems in our society or change the fact many will go in and out of  jail repeatedly. What we do know though is if these men and women are simply locked up for their crimes only to be released back into society, without telling them about Jesus, there will be no significant change in them. You see, even though you will occasionally here the term “Rehabilitation” associated with jail and prison for the most part that isn’t what they are for. Granted they do allow many programs such as twelve step programs, anger management, church services etc. It is my belief the only way they are going to really come out of the lifestyle of crime is for them to meet Jesus Christ. Then they may come to see a life of crime only gets them more of the same which is jail and prison.

Another argument from detractors is “That’s just jailhouse religion, they’re not really changed.” Once again I can’t argue with that at all. Many of the men and women we meet know the Bible forward and backward and yet they continue to end up in jail. To me this isn’t so different from my own life either. I went to church all the time as a child and heard the Bible stories too. Tracey even told me “You always seemed to know the correct answer but you weren’t living it.” All I can say is none of us gain salvation or a heart change simply by knowing the Bible. It is only when, like Peter, we proclaim for ourselves “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God” that we are transformed.

One of the many things said about Jesus was “He eats with publicans and sinners” He really is a friend of sinners and I thank God for that. I am so thankful he said, “He came for the sick, the well have no need of a doctor.” He came to “seek and save the lost” and he is still doing that today whether it’s in jail, prison, nursing home, grocery store, church building, workplace etc. At this point in our lives God has us placed in jail and prison and we tell them the same thing we tell any that are willing to listen and that is God loves you. He gave his son for you that you might have life everlasting and fellowship with him. For me I can’t see how anyone calling themselves a Christian could be against others hearing about Jesus Christ and what he has done for us on the cross no matter where they are.

Written by Louie


12 thoughts on “WHY GO TO THE JAIL?

  1. Amen,since God is everywhere,we can believe and receive him anywhere,keep doing God”s work Im grateful for church in jail,I came to know Jesus for real,its when I was beaten down,I was able to let him be head of my life,cause I wasnt doing a good job!God Bless you all!

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    • Thanks D, Realizing we can’t run our lives is quite the revelation. I pray more will come to the place where they’re willing to let Christ be Lord in their lives as you have.
      Thanks again,

  2. Great work. Remember folks Jesus came for sinners.. Without the jails there would be no use for the work of the cross.. I did fund raising for rehabilitating inmates coming out of Texas prison and it is a very rewarding and touching position. If you want to see the holy spirit…. Go to jail… I take my hat off for these folks…

    • Thanks Todd and you’re right the Holy Spirit finds willing, broken people in the jails and prisons. Where else would a believer want to be but where God is doing what only he can do and that’s reclaim his stolen goods.

  3. Hi Louie and Tracey,
    Great post and I concur. In 25 years as a corrections counselor and now administrator, I’ve seen and heard alot about things that will change inmates. But until you change the thinking, you’ll never change the actions (lifestyle) and the gospel is the greatest way to change the thinking.

  4. Well if we are truly saved it should be coming out of us spontaneously and if not we should be asking god to make us more bold for it to be so.i mean how can gods love that we have inside of us not flow out of us..especially at a jail-house

    • You’re exactly right Kenneth I know no one had to tell me to go and tell others. In fact I can’t imagine being able to refrain from it. Once I had been set free the only natural thing to do would be telling others.
      thanks Kenneth,

  5. When people say: “Those people deserve to be there, they broke the law and that’s what they get,” they are often implying that they see themselves as good people, not like those sinful criminals in jail. This kind of self-righteousness is just as sinful and as much an expression of Satan as any crime that those in jail have committed. In some ways it is worse, because Satanic self-righteousness blinds us to our need for God’s grace.

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