Randy, Louie's boss looks on as he has a breathing treatment  Photo by Tracey Lewis
Randy, Louie’s boss, looks on as he has a breathing treatment
Photo by Tracey Lewis

Thursday morning was like all other Thursday mornings. Louie and I got up, got ready for work, and ate breakfast, had conversation and we said we would see each other later. About fifteen minutes later, the phone rings, it’s Joyce Zander to tell me about an incident that happened on Tuesday in jail. She wanted me be aware and to pray for tonight’s service which I was happy to do. I was reading in Phil. chapter 2 when she called, refreshing my mind about who Christ is and thinking of the other person. Soon after that, I left to go to work.

   I went to work early so I could get everything ready for when the others arrived, when my phone rings. It was Louie’s co-worker Brian; he says “Hey Louie is not feeling well at all, we called the ambulance and they are here now.” I grabbed my stuff and looked for my boss. Before I knew it, my breathing was deep and loud and a tear escaped from my eye as I ran to the car. I will admit I was scared. I couldn’t imagine what could be wrong because he was fine when he left this morning. I stayed with him for the next two days as he recovered from Pneumothorax which is an abnormal collection of air in the lining that separates the lung from the chest wall which was making it hard for him to breathe.

   While in the Emergency Room, waiting on the results of the cat scan, we were told he might have to stay over night for further observation to make sure the air on the outside of his lung got smaller and not bigger. By this time, he had taken pain medication and was no longer agitated. Matter of fact, he was ready to go home and lay on his own couch and maybe even go to the jail as scheduled. This was when I realized my own fate.

   Last week was so disappointing when I was unable to go to the jail due to a mandatory meeting at work. It was happening again this week; much to my dismay. I made up my mind right then and there; if he went home, I would go to the jail. But if they admit him, I would stay with him. After we got him settled in his room, I realized I didn’t want to be anywhere but right here with him.

   Our friend Tammy Strader came to visit us before she went to the jail and she brought with her the most delicious chicken from KFC I have ever had. We had a wonderful visit and she assured me she would tell the ladies how much I miss them and why I couldn’t be there with them. I was very grateful she would do all this for us; even though we all know it was Christ through her doing it.

    In conclusion, Louie is much better and through faith is making a full and complete recovery. I learned to fully trust God; not only for where to be, but for the next breath we breathe or beat of our heart. I have no fear in dying because I rest in Jesus for my eternal destiny. I do, however, savor each moment we have with people. I want them to know that Jesus loves them and He is doing that through me. I never want to take for granted or to complain my way through a day or over look people who are near me.

   The night we got home from the hospital and we were lying down to sleep, I heard Louie say to me, in a tired and sincere voice, “thank you for sticking by me.” I don’t know if he knows how much that meant to me because he never once asked me to stay with him or not to go the jail or not to go to work. I stayed by his side because I love him, he is my next of kin and because I didn’t want to miss anything. But seriously, God gave us each other and I love that He did.

   So, this may not be a report about jail, but it is a report of what God is doing in our life and how God is changing us into the image of His Son because it’s not about us, but it includes us. Thinking about the other person is being love to them.

Written by Tracey


6 thoughts on “WHAT IS IMPORTANT

  1. Louie and Tracy – what wonderful news that, though there was a crisis, you were given the grace to trust God. It is experiences like this that make us even more aware of the Spirit of God directing our paths, forming our thoughts and speaking our words. Your obedience to your responsibilities as an employee and your faithfulness as a spouse will speak volumes to the precious ones you minister to in the prison, Tracy. Yes you missed 2 weeks of being with them but you are showing them that, much as you’d like to be with them, God sometimes has other plans for you. They will understand that you will stand with them in faith just as you did with Louie and as you did as a loyal employee. Our time is God’s. I’m glad He’s given you revelation, Tracy and restoration, Louie. Sorry I won’t be in Louisville this year but know I look forward to our next divine appointment, whenever that may be.

  2. that’s a great testimony of how the lord works on us in our everyday lives–im praying for the two of you that you will have peace and calmness in the storm

  3. Louie, I’m glad you’re better. Look forward to meeting you & Tracey in Louisville the week after next in person. I know what it’s like when the person you are closet to has a medical emergency, it is very unsettling. The good thing is God is faithful & somehow makes His presence known and lots of times it is simply a total sense of PEACE & Stillness… you then know it’s alright.

    1. Donald, I’m glad to be feeling better too, and we’re excited to meet you also. We look forward to Sylvia’s conference every year it’s a great time in the Spirit.
      thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers,

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