Life is a vapor here today and gone tomorrow. No truer words have been spoken. This is one of those things we all know in a subconscious way but every now and then we need to be reminded. The thing is sometimes we have to be shaken a bit to awaken us to the fact our lives really are lived in a very precarious and fragile state.

I left for work the other day just as I always do not knowing that within the hour I would be struggling to take a breath in an ambulance on the way to the emergency room. I know this kind of thing happens in people’s lives everyday but we never get the full effect until it is us.

The night before I spoke at our church and shared about how it isn’t just those we call addicts who are powerless and now I’m getting a real time lesson. For me I would say taking a breath is one of those things most of us take for granted, unless you have had this type of experience.

In James 4 our lives are described as a vapor, mist or fog that is just here for a little while and then it is gone. One of the enemies greatest weapons is for us to live our lives as if we’ve got time. According to the scriptures “Today is the day of salvation” so live in full awareness of how fragile our earthly existence really is. If you have anything unresolved between you and others I encourage you to make things right because you truly may not have much time left to do so. We all really are only one heartbeat away from our eternal destiny don’t go with unresolved business with others.

Written by Louie


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