“You are not your own…For you are bought with a price.”

(1 Corinthians 6:19b-20a)

    God has given us all a good go at running our own lives. As a lost man I did the best I could to live life but in the end was a miserable failure. This of course is the story of everyone, if we’re honest, before we came to Christ isn’t it? Truth be told when we came to Christ and cried save me we were really saying I can’t do this, I don’t know how to live life, and I need you to live it in and through me…Save Me!! If you have ever cried out to God to save you maybe you didn’t read the small print. You see if he is going to be your savior he’s going to be your life. He is in charge of who comes into your life and he wants to touch those people through you. We may not like them but that isn’t part of the deal. You are now his possession to do with what he wants.

   Sometimes there are people in our lives we just don’t get. We try to get along with them and understand them but somehow things just don’t click. For me there always seems to be a little bit of frustration lurking just under the surface when I’m around certain people. How do we deal with these feelings?

   The truth of the matter is we have forgotten we were bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Sure we know he’s the one that has covered our sins and enabled us to go to heaven one day when we die, but what about now? What about those people that irritate us and the things we have to do we simply hate doing?

   Lately when I find myself feeling irritated with something I hear one of two things. Either I hear “It’s not about you” or “You are not your own.” It’s sort of difficult to argue with that type of reasoning isn’t it? For 31 years I gave life the best I had and found myself crumpled in a heap of failure at the feet of Christ. I am so thankful he picked me up and took over, but every now and then I need to be reminded he’s the boss not me. Every now and then I find myself in situations I don’t like with feelings of frustration rising up. The good news is right there with those feelings is a small voice telling me, “This isn’t about you it’s about the other person, it’s about how I can best reach out to them.”

   You are the only you there is and if you fight against what God is doing in you, you are denying others the joy of knowing him in and through your unique personality. God’s love is always for others and sometimes the “Others” he places in our lives to love aren’t the ones we would pick, but remember he’s in charge not us. One of the biggest battles we have is getting along with those we don’t like. When that happens just remember you already tried running things in your life and found you couldn’t so you handed it over to Jesus. Sometimes we don’t like how he’s running things, but I promise you he knows what he’s doing so just trust him.




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