Green lights downtown Internet Photo

Green lights downtown
Internet Photo

“Come on, we are having a meeting in the boss’s office” she said on Tuesday morning at work. The ten of us piled in there waiting to hear why we were called together. “There is a mandatory meeting for Thursday April 25, 2013”. Dread filled my heart as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get out of it. Thursdays are my opportunity to teach at the jail and I would have to miss it. So I went back to my desk, stared at the computer screen, swinging my leg back and forth as I argued with God. “This is my day at the jail” I told Him, “I won’t get to teach and Carla will”, I continued. I was mad. After this went on and I finally got quiet, I heard Him say to me, “It’s not about you.” That put an end to it. Peace came over me and I dealt with all the emotions that came with the news and by lunch time, I was fine.

You know God is up to something when your routine changes and here is what happened. The day of the mandatory meeting a co-worker, who lived too far away to go home before the meeting, wanted to go to Zaxby’s, (chicken restaurant) to eat before the meeting. The first person I saw as we entered the building was a lady who had gotten out of jail, but we lost contact with her. We hugged necks and she gave me her new phone number. Later in the evening, that number would come in handy as others wondered what happened to her.

We go the meeting which is scheduled to start at six o clock, but there was a very long line in the h’orderve’s table. So technically it started after six thirty. The meeting went well, it was interesting, but I kept thinking of this room with everyone dressed in orange. My heart and mind was at the jail, praying for them, wanting the girls to let God change them tonight. My focus shifted as I began to listen to the different speakers, they made me feel like a part of the company and like they cared about me. I sort of felt bad that I was looking for an opportunity to bail first chance I got. But there it was, an opening, had to make a break for it, and then I met eye to eye with the President of the company. He looked at me, nodded his head a little and said, “See ya later, with a smile.” I knew it was okay.

Now I have ten minutes to get to the jail without speeding. I get to the first traffic light; it’s green. I pull up to the next light; it’s green. The next one and the next one; every last light was green from the convention center the entire way down town to the jail. 7:58 I pull into the jail parking lot, thinking to myself, “God must have wanted me to be here pretty bad, because He made it happen.”

I walk into the jail, the door pops open, I go inside, get my visitor tag; a deputy is willing to take me to 954 where the service is. I go inside, the ladies get quiet as I peek around the corner, and all I hear is, “MISS TRACEY, YOU MADE IT.” After the clapping stopped, I found my seat in the back of the room. A little later Joyce asks me to close in prayer which I was happy to do.

I may have missed speaking to the group, but I didn’t miss council with my two ladies that I love to hear from. The first council was “granddaughter” (not her real name) She wanted to tell me how she has made things right with her friend and her grandma. She wanted to pray and to tell me she learned her lesson and wants to do things differently in her life when she gets out.

The second council was with a lady I call, “Bucky” she wanted me to see some pictures of her 2 sons, her mom and her 2 dogs. She also wanted to tell me she had a pity party the day before and how looking back on it, she feels really dumb. She is beginning to trust Jesus more these days. Bucky is learning to focus on the positives in her life; she comes to the services and loves when people pray for her. She is looking at some serious time, but is asking God to put her in the work release program.

I listened, I prayed and I quoted God’s word. The one thing that kept coming to me as I spoke with both ladies was about how we live our lives in green lights. Meaning, go, live as you know God is pleased with you. Slow down when there is caution, stop when He presses on you to confess with Him about sin and then keep going. That’s how I got to the jail tonight.

Written by Tracey



  1. that’s a sweet story–I was reading a book last night about how statements of words need to bring pictures to your mind-the green lights story brought the pictures to my mind–that’s who god is a god of green lights.

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