Summertime is coming so it made me think of being out of school for a few months and how exciting that was. Of course if you were like me it only took a short while before I thought to myself “I’m bored!” As much as I wanted to be out of school not having a schedule with something to do left me fidgeting.

Since coming to Christ I can honestly say I haven’t had the feeling of boredom. It seems boredom comes from the idea that we need constant stimulus or entertainment for the flesh. If we don’t have excitement all the time we moan “I’m bored.”

On the other hand walking in the Spirit keeps you living in a state of wonder and amazement. The Spirit of God enables you to sit and enjoy life even in what seem to be the most repetitive mundane tasks of life. Taking time to ponder the beauties of nature and how God moves through his creation gives you the ability to find intrigue in common everyday life.

Years ago Tracey used to say to me “Can’t you tell me one positive thing?” She seemed to be entertained by things that I thought were silly, and yet she was the happy one. Since being born again I have learned to enjoy the little things in life too. Things like clouds, flowers, trees, sunrises and the kids playing basketball in the street have begun to bring me enjoyment. When Jesus Christ comes into a life he really does bring them out of death and into life, and life’s not boring.


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