Photo by Tracey Lewis

Have you been in a situation where you were the “new guy”, feeling uncomfortable or self conscience? Maybe you were different from the others who were around you, maybe you have something to hide and they are asking too many questions. Maybe they don’t talk to you at all. I have had this experience and the woman at the well had this experience too. She didn’t have any lady friends which is one reason she came at noon, the hottest part of the day, to draw water from the well. So the day Jesus was there and asked her for a drink, she was surprised he would talk to her, especially because she was a Samaritan which meant she was half Jew and half Samaritan. He told her everything she had ever done and she was ashamed to admit she had been involved with at least six men. It was as if she was trying to satisfy her soul with men, searching for that something only God could provide. Jesus then revealed himself to her and promised her a well of living water. He told her of when the true worshipers would worship in Spirit and in Truth. God is Spirit and He’s looking for those that worship in spirit and truth. As soon as she told the townspeople they came to see for themselves. Looking up they saw the fields which are white for harvest. She realized that she had been a sinner, lost, searching, but Jesus was waiting for her and she believed in Him.

She said she could relate to the woman at the well because she has felt uncomfortable since she got to jail a week ago tomorrow, she felt as though she didn’t belong here. There are others around her in the cell that has formed clicks. She said, she had been told her whole life; she was good for nothing and worthless. She was the one I talked to in the law box. She poured out her soul to me and cried many tears. Her story sounded familiar to me because it was like the one I had lived many, many years ago. I comforted her with the words that Jesus used in John 4, He knows everything she has ever done and He loves her. I hated to hear the words she said to me, all I could say was I was sorry. She is in a place for God to change her and this is the time for it to happen. She is hoping to get out of jail when she goes to court tomorrow, but what if you don’t, I asked her. She said, “There’s nothing I can do about it anyway, I might as well trust God.” She has had a rough married life and has 15 ulcers to prove it. She has a 14 year old son she is looking after and her husband is living with another woman in her house as we speak. She doesn’t know where she would go if she did get out. So, we prayed, I asked God to heal her of her ulcers, give her a clear mind, and a good nights’ rest. After saying “amen” I got ready to stand up, when I heard her say,” something just happened to me, I can’t explain it, but the tightening in my chest that I have had for two days, is gone.” She was crying, and said, I’m happy, but I’m scared.” That’s when I knew God was healing her so she would learn to rely on Jesus and not on a man or anybody else for that matter. Hallelujah!! God is a good God.

The other lady I talked to told me she has a younger son who never talked of Jesus until now. Since she has been in Christian County Jail he has written her a letter and told her of how he is praying for a job. He got the job, knew it was of God, now tells her he has found a church. He attends the church and goes up front to have the preacher pray for him. He and his “running around buddy” now go to church every Sunday. She also has another older son, who we are praying for too. We know that God has good plans for all of them. I am so excited for these ladies who share their lives with me.
There are so many miracles that go on all time all around us if we would have eyes to see and ears to hear. Christ is making Himself known to all of us. I got to witness this one.

Written by Tracey


4 thoughts on “I WITNESSED A MIRACLE

  1. “It was as if she was trying to satisfy her soul with men,” What a great line, and no wonder the ulcers. What a man Jesus is–enough. B

  2. wow tracey that is a neat description of your ministry–It must be neat to hear these lady prisoners tell you all their stories and then as the lord reaches out to them through you its a blessing to not only them but you also

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