In James four we learned that the source of our quarrels and conflicts are envy and lusts that war within. We all want something we can’t have so we fight and make war in an attempt to obtain it. When this fails we find ourselves in wrath. The cycle includes covetousness, envy, pride and wrath, but maybe not in that exact order. Either way the end result is wrath that comes from the frustration of not getting what our selfish desire longs for.

If we continue reading we discover maybe we haven’t received because we haven’t asked. Sometimes we simply haven’t asked God for what we want. Other times we ask and don’t get because we ask with wrong motives wanting to spend it on our own pleasures. Selfishness isn’t a personality trait God wants to bless. He is looking for those that have a heart like his and as long as we are friends with the world we make ourselves to be God’s enemy.

Of course God understands how we are made and what it’s going to take to open us to the truth. He doesn’t force his way in, instead he waits. He waits until the cycle of covetousness, envy, pride and wrath has run its course long enough to make us weary and causes us to long for another way. We try to fix things and manipulate things until the wrath built up within us simply has to be extinguished.

I have heard the spinning cycle of coveting, envying, pride and wrath called the wheel of anguish. The cycle of torment that comes with not getting what we want creates anxiety and anger and we simply have to find relief. We may seek drugs or sex or some other vice in order to quench the wrathful fire but it is only temporary at best. We are destined to start chasing our tail again only to end up in the same place over and over until we discover the truth.

The Bible tells us it took Jesus death, burial and resurrection in order to set us free from the wheel of anguish and death. We have to place our faith in his finished work on the cross in order to stop the fiery spin. He must come in from outside in order to stop it because we are trapped in it with no way of escape. It’s like the Apostle Paul said in Romans seven. “The thing I want to do I don’t and the thing I don’t want to do I keep doing.” There is no end to it and no answer found outside of an intervention from Jesus Christ himself. I pray we all will come to agree with Paul when he said, “Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

We were created for God’s glory. In the fall we falsely started believing we could be “Like God” and this sent mankind into the spin cycle of pride, frustration and wrath.  While we are in the transition phase, or what we call time here on earth, there are many things we can use to ease the torment but one day all the earthly methods will come to an end and we will be shut up in that spin forever and forever. This is after all what Hell is isn’t it? It is a never ending cycle of selfishness and wrath that can never be satisfied or settled. Thank God Jesus Christ came here to set us free from the torment and give us the peace only he can give.

Written by Louie



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