“What is the source of quarrels and conflicts among you? Is not the source your pleasures that wage war in your members? You lust and do not have; so you commit murder. You are envious and cannot obtain; so you fight and quarrel.” (James 4:1-2b NASB)

The source of our conflicts, quarrels, murders and wars is lust. The word lust at its root means strong desire. Of course most of the time we see this word we think of it in a negative sense but in actuality it is strong desire which could be even for something good. For instance we may have a strong desire for family members to be saved. In that sense it would be a good thing wouldn’t it?

God created man for good but when man fell his inward makeup was turned toward evil. He was created with desire for his Creator but once fallen that same desire was turned toward self and selfish cravings. At root though is the same faculty we call desire. William Law says, “When, therefore, this natural life is deprived of or fallen from God, it can be nothing else in itself but an extremity of want continually desiring, and an extremity of desire continually wanting. And hence it is that its whole life can be nothing else but a plague and torment of covetousness, envy, pride, and wrath, all which is precisely nature, self, or Hell.”

It is just as James says. Our conflicts come from the strong desire built in to the creature for its creator. The fall brought with it an attitude of independence and a desire for worldly things, but when looking to the world for fulfillment of these desires it inevitably ends in wrath. Wrath born out of unfulfilled desire is to be expected though because of our being designed to desire God. There is essentially a lust or desire within each of us searching for relief from the disturbances brought on by the fall, but until we come to the only one that can satisfy that insatiable hunger we are destined for the spinning cycle of lusts, envy, pride and wrath.

William Law said, “All self or nature, must be in this state till some supernatural good comes into it or gets a birth in it. And therefore, every pain or disorder in the mind or body of any intelligent creature is an undeniable proof that it is in a fallen state and has lost that supernatural good for which it was created…Till fallen man is born again from above, till such a supernatural birth is brought forth in him by the eternal Word and Spirit of God, he can have no possible escape from these four elements of self or Hell.”

William Law listed covetousness, envy, pride and wrath to describe the Hell we live in without the new birth. These four are exactly what one gets when seeking to fulfill desires in the wrong manner. When the creature is attempting to be God he will inevitably end up in frustration and anger. Do yourself a favor and come to Christ. Let him recalibrate you and set you back in right relationship with God. Let him birth in you the only one that can bring an end to the quarrels, conflicts, strife and wars within you and among others.

William Law quotes taken from “The Spirit of Love”

Written by Louie


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