He is Risen! Photo by Randy Waller
He is Risen!
Photo by Randy Waller

To love another person is to see the face of God. When I heard these lyrics from the soundtrack of Les Miserable, it made me think of how important it is to experience God’s love. It’s not as important that we love God, but to realize how much He loves us. Matter of fact that is how we can love at all. When I asked Jesus to come live in me, He said yes, and now everywhere I go, He is there as well. So, when people are nice to me, they are being nice to Him. On the other hand, when others are being rude, mean and evil toward me, they are really being that way towards Him. We are not two separate beings; we are in union with one another. It’s the same in the opposite; when we love another person, we see the face of God. The ladies in jail tonight could relate to what I was saying because at one point they realized we can’t love without God doing the loving. I read to them 1 John 4:7-21 which I will not read to you now.

However, I will say that God does not dispense packets of love for us to give to others, He is love and therefore He gives Himself to others and He does that in and through us, whom He inhabits. So this is why I can hear someone say “I love my children” or “I love her so much” and know it is because of God they can love at all. It’s about Him loving us, He chose us, and He pursues us because without that, we would never be interested whatsoever in the things of God.

Did you know that Jesus not only laid down Him life for His friends, because that would be easy, but He laid down His life for His enemies. These are people who will never receive Him as their Lord and Savior. Yet, Jesus still loves us and He never gives up on us, never!

Before I left the jail I met with three wonderful ladies. The first lady had the opportunity to mourn the death of her husband for the first time since she has been in jail. I just sat there while she covered her face and wept in her hands. I had no words to say but to give it all to God. She came to some resolutions that will help her in the near future. I will continue to pray for her and her children.

The second lady is a precious soul who desires to read and get closer to the Lord. There is a difference of night and day from last week, when we met. This week, she brought in a book called, “The power of praise”. She had half of it read and said to me, “This is only the second book I have read in my whole life from beginning to end.” I was so proud of her. She is serving out the rest of her time and decided she was going to do it with Jesus.

The final lady, I recently found out, is a childhood friend of a friend of mine. This friend of mine knows I visit the jail and asked me if I have seen her. I said, “Why yes, I have met with her quite a few times.” A huge smile came across her face and she said, “She couldn’t have had a better person to talk to, then.” I was glad she saw it that way. I love loving the ones who don’t think they are lovable. God sees us as “worth it” and so do I. I know that by loving these ladies, it’s really me loving Jesus. He said “when you have done it to the least of these my brethren; you have done it unto me.”

It was getting late and fatigue was creeping up on me as she continued to ask me questions. She asked me about dreams. She said she never dreams, but had a dream about her dad bringing her 60 dollars to the jail and then the next day he brought her 60 dollars to the jail. She asked me about why her emotions are all over the place and why is it that sometimes she feels pretty and other times she doesn’t. She said when she was out there doing the drugs, she was very skinny and thought she looked good, but she was skin and bones but now, she is healthy but she doesn’t feel pretty? It may seem silly to us who are not in jail, but this is a big deal to these ladies. I share with them the love of Jesus and how they are beautiful to Him so much so, that He died on a cross and rose again so they can live for all eternity. Thank you, Jesus for loving us and keeping us, Amen.

Written by Tracey


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