What do you do while you’re waiting? In Psalm 13 we read where David was asking God “How long!”, “How long!” and “How long!” Sometimes it seems as though God isn’t listening, or maybe he’s just not responding to our plea; either way we find ourselves in a holding pattern.

One of the things I like about the Psalms of David is his complete honesty with God. He pours out his complaints or grievances on the front end of his prayers, but if you notice he always seems to come back around to the reality of who God is in the end. Here he is crying out and feeling as though his answer isn’t coming but look at verse 5. After telling God all of his feelings and fears he says, “But I have trusted in your loving-kindness; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me.”

God can handle it when we are impatient or feeling left out. I think Psalms like this one are a great example of how our prayer life might go. Knowing that God already knows what our problems are, and what is really going on, we can just tell it like it is to him. The best part is after David lays all of his worries at the Lord’s feet he is reminds himself how God is still trustworthy. He is reminded that salvation belongs to the Lord and suddenly a song pops up and he finds himself singing. And the last line reminds us how God has provided so much already, and even if he did stop right now what makes me think I have a right to complain about it?

One thing is for sure God doesn’t owe us anything. He’s God! As much as we would like him to respond to us in the timing and manner we want he isn’t obligated. Everything is a gift and we would do well to remember that. So the next time you start feeling a little impatient with God why not count your blessings while you wait. After all, life is full of waiting for example we wait at traffic lights, in doctors offices, to be seated in restaurants, in line at the gas station, at concerts, ballgames and on and on. Maybe we could start using these times to pray and thank God for all of the times he has shown up and done what only he can do.

Written by Louie


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