As a believer in Jesus Christ I am called to walk by faith and not by sight. This is sometimes difficult but, at the same time, freeing because we don’t have to become depressed or disappointed because of the way things may appear or feel. If we live our lives completely in the seen realm we’re going to have it rough and frustration, depression and disappointment are sure to follow.

Tonight at the jail we had twelve men show up for church which is somewhat of a small group compared to most. This could be somewhat disheartening if we were judging by appearance. It did go through my mind at one point that this was the same number of men that made up Jesus’ core followers. If Jesus turned the world upside down with the original twelve who’s to say he can’t do it with these twelve too?

Some nights at the jail you can feel the excitement in the room. There are men that are energized and focused to hear the Word and other times it seems as if they are almost asleep. Once again appearances can be deceiving and the Holy Spirit has a way of getting through to people even if it may not look like much at the time. I know for me there have been many occasions when the truth of something hasn’t soaked in until days, or maybe weeks, after hearing them. I believe it is the same with some of these men. Our job is simply to tell them the truth of what God says and leave the rest to him. It can’t be any simpler than that can it?

I read Psalm 37:4 “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” What a great verse. I looked up the word delight found in this verse in a concordance and discovered it means to make one pliable or moldable, soft. So, in other words, if we stop resisting and being rigid and just let God have his way with us he will give us the desires of our heart. I heard it put like this one time “If we love God we can do what we want to.” Wow! Think about this for a minute. If we love God our want to’s will be the same as his want to’s therefore our hearts desire will be his hearts desire too. This is what he’s after. He isn’t into asking us to do things we hate. He’s into changing our hearts in order for us to want and love the same things he does.

The Bible tells us God’s commands aren’t burdensome. To the ones that aren’t moldable, or pliable, his commands will be burdensome, but to us that have delighted ourselves in him they are exactly what we want to do. It’s all about the heart change that can only happen if we are born again (born of God’s Spirit.) If we have God’s very own Spirit within us he will begin to display his desires and traits through us.

Written by Louie



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