Goliath played by Mister

Goliath played by Mister

She had tears streaming down her face as I spoke the truth about what God had done in my life. I gave two examples of the miracle of God’s unchanging grace. One example was when my husband, Louie, and I quit smoking. I knew it had to be God because smoking is one of the hardest habits to quit. The other example was how Louie wrecked his brand new Grand Am automobile and lived to tell about it. The ink was not even dry on the papers when he drove it 15 feet into the air with the help of a catapult used by the first tree he hit going 90 miles per hour. He and his friend Joe were not seriously hurt, but Louie did go to the hospital.

As I talked about David and Goliath and the power of his testimony, this girl in the front row continued to cry. King Saul was looking for someone to shut up that giant, who was taunting Israel, when David showed up. He wanted to dress David up in his armor, but it wasn’t natural for David to act like someone else. David convinced Saul to let him fight by the word of his testimony about how he killed a lion and a bear and he would do the same to the Philistine. When God does something miraculous in your life, like saving you from hell, you’re going to tell someone about it!

Another reason why I felt God was having me teach this is because Brittanie has gotten out of jail and in only one week she’s already employed. I don’t know how many people tell me they can’t get a job because they have a felony on their record. God can do anything and has. This is your testimony. Back in the story of 1Samuel 17:47 we read, “For the battle is the Lord’s and He will give you (the Philistines) into OUR hands.” In Romans 16:20 it says The God of peace will soon crush Satan under YOUR feet. Do you get the picture here? God is the one who is doing it, but He is using us to accomplish His will. Even when the enemy means us harm, God will turn it around to glorify Him. See? It‘s all about the Glory of God.

The funny thing about this night in jail was when Tammy Strader got up to speak. She also talked about David and Goliath, and her message was to have your heart fixed on Jesus. Her example was about how concrete is pliable at first, but over time, it will harden to the point of not bending. We have our hearts and minds set on things above and when the temptation comes, we will know what to do. As she was speaking she noticed the young lady weeping in the front row and her heart went out to her.

Joyce Zander was prepared to play a DVD of Louie Gigilo, but when JoAnna Mack got up to speak on Ephesians 1: 3-8 it got a little crazy with the truth around there. I know I was in the back saying amen, good stuff, and hallelujah. I love when we have a revelation that through Jesus, God is proud of us. “Just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him, in love.” I pray you get this revelation. Just before JoAnna was finished she sang a song and the tears continued to flow down the face of girl in the front row.

My time was short tonight but before I left we all wanted to know what was up with this girl; because as we were passing out hugs she held on tight. She obviously needed someone to talk to and it was me. Her story was like many others who don’t trust Jesus and try to control everything. We are not designed as human beings to be in control; that’s God’s job. We trade Him your burdens for His; He said His burden is light.

I had so much fun in jail tonight. I love teaching God’s word and sharing love, grace and mercy with those who are ready to receive Him. He makes it worth it all and to have the opportunity to tell my testimony or actually, HIS STORY, through me.

Written by Tracey


4 thoughts on “GOD CHANGED MY LIFE

  1. Yay for Brittanie. I don’t remember the car story. Obviously the cat belongs up the tree not the Grand Am. What a great line, “it got a little crazy with the truth around there.” B

    • Some might say we’re out of our tree but the truth is we are connected to The Vine-Jesus Christ! He brought us out from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and placed us in the Tree of Life!
      thanks B.

  2. That was a good post..I have some good news to share also..I asked you two to pray for my daughter gabby and wow don’t stop now..she is considering coming up to tulsa,ok from Florida to visit me..she is definitely in need of coming under the control of gods spirit and I hope this will be her chance…thanks for your prayers I’m officially putting you guys on my prayer list.

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