We talked about being human in Sunday school today. We talked about how being human isn’t a bad thing at all rather it’s great. God loves humanity so much his Son came here as a man. As a born again, Spirit filled, believer in Christ we are God’s contact point in this world. We are the body of Christ, right?

The illustration of humans being a receiver was brought to my attention earlier in the week. A man used an IPAD to demonstrate how we are made. He said, “When you first turn on the IPAD it shows you a little circular thing in motion. It’s searching for a connection.” We’re the same way because there is something built into us that is in need of a connection with God. We are on a search whether we understand it or not, and most of the time we attempt other things for a while until one day we cry out to God and make the connection we were created for. Most of the time, this only comes by way of someone else telling us of  their own connection.

Paul told us in Romans 10 whoever calls on the Lord will be saved but how will they call if they haven’t believed? And how can they believe if they haven’t heard? How shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they are sent? So you see one person receives Christ and goes on to tell others and so forth. God shares the message of his Son through his human agents.

As I thought about these things today my Pastor read a verse in 1 Samuel that lit up for me. When David was getting ready to do battle with Goliath in 1 Samuel 17:47 he said, “That all this assembly may know that the Lord does not deliver by sword or by spear; for the battle is the Lord’s and He will give you into our hands.” When he read this I thought “That’s it!” It’s God’s battle but he will deliver the enemy into “our” hands. The reason is because “our” hands are his hands. Immediately my mind went to another verse found in Romans 16 which says, “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” Wow! Did you catch that? God will crush Satan under “our” feet. Why? Because our feet are his feet! We are his body. We are his point of contact on the earth. What a privilege to think that God works through our humanity to defeat the enemy.

To the watching world it looks as if we’re the ones doing this, but to us we know it’s really Christ in us, the hope of glory!

Written by Louie


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