Brittanie and Tracey
Brittanie and Tracey

The first time I heard the expression giving your humanity a break, I didn’t know what it meant until I heard it explained. God already knows you are going to mess things up from time to time, but He uses the mess to glorify Himself. We are made up of three parts; spirit, soul and body and all three work together, we need all three parts. This is what I shared with the ladies in jail and we all really needed to hear it because the theme of the night seemed to be looking wrongly at our humanity. Tammy Strader said she had been told by the devil all day that she doesn’t, nor could she make a difference at the jail. I had a bad review at work and left there feeling like a failure. The jail had their cells searched from top to bottom including the people. The word tonight was about taking back your humanity as the dwelling place of the Almighty. I told them we are an asset to God, not a liability. We don’t need to reject our humanness because how else are we going to express Him.

There was an older woman who wanted to talk to me after church because she and her daughter were both in jail. She was feeling condemnation for getting high with her daughter in the past and feels responsible for her daughter’s eventual incarceration. What ended up happening was another woman in the cell came out with her to council. This woman has recently given her life to God in jail, and she is now showing her verses in the Bible that relate to what we are talking about. Later Tammy joined us and we couldn’t stop smiling because we were watching this woman disciple another. It felt like a momma watching her baby take her first steps or cutting her first tooth. We were so proud of her.

Rhema word came tonight to share a word, except Sha Jackson couldn’t be with us; we carried on like we knew what we were doing. JoAnn Stanely has not been there since Oct due to having her knee replaced; she talked about Christmas and how Jesus is the best gift we could give to anyone. Linda Parks asked the girls, “Who is leading you in this new year of 2013?” We had a good response from the girls and had a good time searching and reading God’s word.

I want to get back to the union with Christ and how our humanity plays a part in that. In the book “THE REST OF THE GOSPEL” by Dan Stone, he gives an illustration of having programs broadcast on the radio all the time, but unless the radio is turned on, you’re not getting any of them. Without a point of contact it won’t be expressed. Our humanity is that point of contact. God uses all parts of us; when you speak, you use your vocal chords, your mind, your lungs to excel the sound from your mouth and so on; it takes all of those things to express words. We are a total person and God uses all of us, not just one part. I count it a privilege to be human because God wanted to be a human so bad that He sent His Son to be human. Not only that, but Jesus is a human sitting at the right hand of the Father right now, on our behalf. Being human is wonderful. But Tracey, you say; what about flesh? A great definition of flesh is Flesh or false self, is simply the body and the soul operating apart from the Holy Spirit. The Bible says the flesh is weak and it can not please God. God designed us to be dependent on Him. If we could live the perfect Christian life then why would Jesus have to die on the cross?  We mess up so God can use it, everything works together for good for them who love God and are (the) called according to His purpose. What we think, is a liability to God and we beat ourselves up for it, God sees it as an asset and He uses it for His glory. Everything happens to glorify Him. Everything! It may not look like it, feel like it, smell like it, or act like it, but I am telling you, God will and does use it all. He is more stubborn than we are, and He will never give up on us.

I had such a great time in jail and love to see what God is doing in these ladies’ lives. Brittanie got out this week and she is in a safe place and still seeking the Lord. God says to us, “I’m going to live in you, and other people are going to see you, but YOU KNOW, it’s Me.” This is another quote from Dan Stones’ book.

Written by Tracey



  1. What a great photo of you and Brittanie. This Thursday was loaded with gems! I had forgotten the radio illustration, and I also especially like that definition of flesh. B

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