Waiting by faith just doesn’t come natural does it? I mean it’s a supernatural exercise don’t you think? God tells us to have faith, “walk by faith and not by sight.” Meanwhile all we want to do is plan things and figure out exactly how things are going to go. Everything in us leans toward wanting to see the layout of the day before it unfolds but God’s saying, “You don’t have to know what’s going to happen; all you have to know is I’ve got this. You just trust in me and I will see you through.”

There’s an inmate who was sharing with us recently about how he’s a little bit edgy while awaiting his court date. He has a lawyer but he’s unsure about how much focus he’s giving to his case. He told us “I have faith in God, and I want to say I’m okay with whatever he decides, but I’m struggling.” How would you help him? I mean there are times when all those prepackaged answers are sort of insufficient. This young man is looking at possibly spending the rest of his life behind bars. He’s reaching for something to hold on to, something that will bring some element of peace to his spirit.

While most of us aren’t in this kind of predicament; we do all know what it’s like to be waiting for God to move don’t we? There is a time when you have done all you know to do and all that’s left is wait…wait…wait and wait some more. These are the times when our thoughts and emotions get in a spin. We analyze and over analyze the situation until we’re completely exhausted. Oddly enough this is usually when we finally find the peace we’ve been searching for. It’s as if God is over there with his legs crossed quietly tapping his finger waiting for us to come to the end of our own efforts so he can do what only he can do.

Another one of the inmates told us he’s feeling a little left out. He said, “I pray a lot in the cell, and I pray for the others too. Here lately it seems everyone else, even this one guy that isn’t a believer, has been getting good news, and I’m just wondering where mine is.” These are tough things to have to deal with anywhere much less in jail. I never fancied myself as a counselor or therapist in any way so I just tend to point these guys to the Word. After all Jesus called the Holy Spirit “The Counselor”, and he’s the only one who can really help anyway. I shared with him about how the Bible is full of instances when it seemed as if the ungodly were getting blessed more than the godly. David talked plenty of times throughout the Psalms about this very thing. I really can’t say if and when God is going to give this young man his “good news”, but I can say he isn’t the first one to feel this way. Jesus himself was called a “Man of Sorrows.” He was rejected by almost everyone at one time or the other and from an earthly point of view it didn’t end well. Of course we know the bad news of the cross is really good news for all of us that were lost.

As the conversation came to a close I suggested that maybe God has him in that cell to be his intercessor. Maybe he can see his situation a little bit differently. Instead of seeing it as if he isn’t getting any good news maybe he has been put in there just so he can pray for the others and show them what waiting by faith looks like.

Written by Louie


6 thoughts on “WAITING BY FAITH

  1. I seem to always get the best results with god when I act like Moses..when I get into a situation that I need for god to step in and direct me he does seem to be slow in responding to me then I step up to him and challenge him to talk to me and sure enough he does..of course then I have to deal with doubt..but after the situation is worked out I praise him.

    1. Thanks Kenneth. I remember doing a little bit of a study on doubt. I found that doubt itself isn’t a bad thing it’s really just a place of transition. An old Chinese proverb says, “Doubt is like having one foot in one boat and the other in another boat; you will not be able to stay there.” At some point you have to come into one boat or the other, either unbelief or faith. Anyway I didn’t intend to write all of this here but what the heck.
      thanks again Kenneth,

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