There are some things that haven’t changed since the Garden of Eden. One of them is humanity’s need to find and place blame on any and everything but the guilty party. As soon as God called Adam out about his sin the first thing he did was say, “It was that woman you gave me.” God then turned to the woman and she immediately pointed at the serpent. We are always ready to give an excuse for the things we do but never seem to want to step up and admit our part.

If you watch the news for very long you will notice this blame game hasn’t stopped yet. Politicians seem to be some of the best at it. The Democrats point at the Republicans and vice versa but very rarely do either one take responsibility over their own failures.

The most recent conversation that is dominating the news is the debate about guns and whether or not the common citizen should be able to own this or that kind. Of course this is being driven home lately because of several shootings that have resulted in the death of many unarmed people and in some cases even children. You hear many things that are to blame for why someone would commit such a horrible deed. Some will say it’s because of violent video games or movies; others will blame it on the persons childhood or the fact they are poor. Maybe they are mentally unstable some will say, but you will never hear that evil rules in the heart of the lost. If these commentators admit there is a problem deeper than our mental state they will have to look a little deeper in order to discover it and most aren’t willing to do that. So for now we go around and around looking for temporal solutions to and eternal problem. I remember hearing someone once say, “If there is a God then why is there so much evil in the world?” The response to this was priceless. The man that was asked this question turned and said to the enquirer “How about we start with the evil that is within you?” This of course is unpopular and politically incorrect so the real problem never gets addressed in the nightly news.

Evil has been an intricate part of our world since the fall of man and there are no laws that have ever been created that can change it. The evil that is being perpetrated in our world comes from within lost mankind. It is only upon receiving Christ, and the promised new heart, that it can be eradicated. We can pass all the laws we want, but until people’s hearts are changed there will continue to be these horrifying events whether they involve guns, sticks, rocks or just simply our bare hands. Cain didn’t have a gun but he found a way to kill Abel even from the very beginning. What we need is Jesus Christ and until then the struggle between good and evil will rage on. The good news is in the end God will set things right again and there will finally be neighbor loving neighbor and we will have no need to even own a weapon.

Even so come Lord Jesus!

Written by Louie


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