Even though I know addiction is a huge problem sometimes I am still surprised how rampant it really is. While not everyone is addicted to drugs, alcohol or other substances there are many who have things in their lives they simply cannot get over or stop doing. What is the real solution?

When someone doesn’t understand addiction there is one thing that is sure to give it away. They almost always start by getting caught up in the details of the situation. What I mean is they spend an unnecessary amount of energy trying to figure out why the addict does what they do. Over the years our society has been inundated with psychology which always brings with it the “Something must have happened to them in their childhood to cause this problem” statement. While I would agree that many may have had something bad happen to them in their childhood this knowledge can’t really fix their problem. While dealing with past hurts or how we feel may have some value the root problem lies much deeper.

The Bible tells us that we are not just a “soul/body” but a “spirit/soul/body” therefore dealing with the psyche (soul) level is okay but it is still only on an emotional and intellectual level. The spirit level, on the other hand, is the level where we contact God, and we all start out with a problem in our spirit that only God can do anything about.

I am no expert on addiction or psychology, but I do know from being an addict that it was only after I found myself at an altar telling God “You have to do this” that my life was changed. It was only when all of my energy and trying were exhausted that I poured myself out to God but it was then that everything turned around. It’s as if God wants to come into our lives and straighten them out but he will only do so if he is invited. Our problem is the invitation will only come after we have tried everyone and everything else first.

Most of the time addiction is only broken when the person’s life has become so out of control they find themselves cornered. As long as the fear of coming into the light is greater than the pain of staying the same no change will happen. The nature of addiction is hideous and demonic at its core. It is going to take more than medicine, therapy or self control. I am not saying there is no benefit in medicine or therapy even the Bible tells us we have to have our minds renewed. What I am saying is ultimately it is only when the Holy Spirit comes in and drives out the unclean spirit that real healing takes place.

I pray for all of you struggling with an addiction whether you or a loved one has the addiction because it is really everyone’s problem.

“Lord I pray you would open the eyes of those that are hurting and tired from the fight tonight and show them you are indeed the only answer to their problem. I ask that you would grant wisdom to all those that love the addicts in their lives and point them to the help and advice they need to pull through this to the peace and victory that you have for them.”    Thank you Jesus!

Written by Louie


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