Stained carpet from our old life
Photo by Tracey Lewis

Nobody likes stains, they’re ugly, embarrassing and we try to hide them if they won’t come clean. Recently we bought new furniture for our living room; very nice, expensive furniture. We haven’t had new furniture in about 20 years and it is about time we got some. So we set off to pick out the most comfortable and economic kind available. The day before the furniture arrives; I make sure the area is cleaned out so the movers can get the old out and the new in. I also make sure the rugs are clean and ready for the new stuff to be fitted for the room. Well, I pick up the area rugs we have laid down and notice that there are huge stains all over the carpet, not in just one place, but many places. So many stains are visible that I am quite embarrassed and ashamed for the new stuff to be placed on this old dirt, stained carpet. The stains have been there for so long that I am sure I do not know what it is or where they came from. Many of the scars in the carpet are obviously cigarette burns that never caught fire.

This is a reminder of how our life used to be years ago when life seemed dark and full of tears. There was a time I didn’t want to be here with my first husband because there was no getting him to see what he was doing to himself, me or our house. Looking back at this time in our life seems so long ago.

I guess I shouldn’t necessarily be ashamed of the stains in the carpet as they are a representation of where God has brought us from. Louie and I now stand in a place of victory, of righteousness and hope because and through Jesus Christ. This is the very thing in our life that we proclaim. Are these stains in the carpet just a reminder of the stains that devoured our past? It’s okay to be reminded of our past but to realize that is not who we are anymore. He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit, which means we are not who we used to be.

We all have a testimony of who we were and who we are now, in Christ. He is our life and there are no stains in Him so now we bear the holiness of who He is. Our identity is now in Christ. He has His own scars that He bears in His body to show that He was the Messiah who came to die on the cross in our place, instead of us. He is not ashamed of those scars, so neither am I ashamed of mine.

Thank you, Jesus for who you are and that you included me in your good plans. You have set me free from guilt and shame. You have given me the desire of my heart and even though that meant going through the tough stuff, it was worth it; because I get to share His story of what Jesus did in my life and He will do for you too. Amen.

Written by Tracey


4 thoughts on “STAINS

    1. That’s exactly right, Dave. God promised never to leave us nor forsake us, so everywhere we go, everything we do, it’s about Him. Thank you for your comment, I will be looking for God aren’t you?

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