June 2, 2009 taken by T. Nadine Lewis

Christian County Jail

As I took my place in front of about 20 women in orange I asked them a question. Has there been a miracle in your life and would you tell me about it? The room was silent until one lady spoke up about a time she was in a motorcycle accident and an old white van with an elderly man stopped to help her, she recalled how she thought he was an angel and it was a miracle that she was alive to tell about it. I had an experience on my way to the jail as a vehicle began to occupy the same space I was already in. I slammed on my breaks and as the tires resisted with a loud squeal, the car moved back into his own lane. It wasn’t until I reached my destination that I began to laugh at how God was so generous in giving me a real life, right now, example of a miracle. This isn’t the only time God has given me a miracle because I for one believe being saved is a miracle, but the one I shared with the ladies tonight is when my husband Louie and I were remarried.

While studying for our Sunday school lesson this week I read of how the Children of Israel had to kill a one year old lamb with no blemishes and smear the blood on the door posts so the death angel would pass by and not kill their first born. Not only did they put blood on the outside of their homes, but they must eat the lamb, all of it, to give them strength for the journey they were about to take. Pharaoh was getting ready to let them leave the land of Egypt, but they had to flee quickly and they couldn’t do it in their own strength. This blood on the doorposts symbolizes how Jesus spilled His blood for the forgiveness of our sin. The body death of Jesus was for us to take in to eat, or receive, so we might have life but not just any life his very own life within us.

Let me explain what I mean; there are two ordinances we practice in the church-baptism and communion. Have you ever wondered why we don’t have monthly or yearly foot washings? Baptism symbolizes us being submerged into Jesus Christ; Communion is Jesus Christ being placed into us. The Bible says “He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit.” The lamb died FOR the household to save them, and then you also take the lamb INTO you, for us to live, power for the journey.

Christ had to be resurrected from the dead by God so that we would not only have our sin forgiven, but also for us to have resurrected life. Jesus is the only one who is perfect. In Him the Father is well pleased. This means He can now be pleased with us because He lives inside the believer living the perfect Christian life. He is the only Way. It’s a miracle, it’s amazing, it can’t be fully explained but it can be witnessed in the life of Christ.

This is the conclusion of my revelation, Jesus is my life, He lives in me, and I am the vessel or container of His life that makes me Holy, righteous and blameless in His sight. It is through the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.

I poured my soul into those ladies tonight for God to show them who He is. Tammy Strader did the same thing as she came to minister. She shared with them how we have only one enemy and it is Satan. We turn our wrath against the person who is listening to the devil and we think it’s them. Her solution to the problem is to pray for one another and realize through faith, that person can be changed by God. It’s a tough thing to be put in a cell with girls who don’t care a thing about Jesus, when you need all the help you can get. We see it all the time in there.

The note we received from a girl who wanted to talk was about how her husband is also in jail. She prays for him to see Jesus for who He is and give his life to him. She so desperately wants to stop coming to jail. Her own sister is in here in a different cell and is sad because she feels she has not been a good example. Let’s pray for a miracle in the lives of everyone who comes to Christian County Jail.

Written by Tracey


4 thoughts on “IT’S A MIRACLE

  1. Tracey, the Lord says, “Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” KJV Psalms 37:4-5 … So I see it is the desire of your heart to have a miracle to happen for those ladies you are talking about, I also see that you delight in the lord… so your miracle has been granted… watch & see… Jesus will not fail. Love Don

    P.S. it also says that in the scripture… Love can not fail… Jesus is Love.

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