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Hills of Appalachia in Kentucky
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A story recently came to my attention that is happening in my home state of Kentucky. Apparently there are some folks who have made the choice to keep their children ignorant in exchange for money. Yes you heard me correctly.

There is a government program called Supplemental security income and it will pay approximately 698$ a month for each child you have that is deemed to have an intellectual disability until the child turns 18. While I am not necessarily against someone in need being helped what I am against is the lengths some of these parents are willing to go in order to secure these checks.

Some parents involved in this government program have gone as far as to remove their children from literacy classes for fear of losing their monthly check. If their children learn how to read and write they will no longer qualify for the government check. After all 698$ per child every month can go quite a long way for a family in need. My question is “Is this a form of child sacrifice? Are these parents sacrificing their children to the god of government?”

When I first heard this story I immediately thought of the Old Testament stories of child sacrifice. Of course I realize child sacrifice involved the actual killing of children but in principle is this not the same thing? Are people willing to sacrifice their child’s future for a measly check? How many of these children after reaching the age of 18 do you think will go and continue their education? I would venture to say most of them will just become government dependent adults.

In no way am I writing this in order to be political or go on a rant, but when I heard this I couldn’t help but think about how our government is too involved sometimes. What may have started out as a good program has deteriorated into dependence on the government. When you are dependent on an entity or person other than God isn’t that an idol? From my vantage point these parents are sacrificing their children for money.

If you want to read the whole article just check out the New York Times Sunday review 

Written by Louie



  1. Having been a tutor at one of the schools, I know how big the need is for children to learn how to read. After a couple of years, there suddenly was not enough money to pay me to do this job. It’s a sad, sad day when we see that we can’t pay to teach, but we can pay for “aides” who really do nothing but grade papers & make copies. I pray that these kids don’t fall through the cracks, even if their parents want them too!!

    • Thank you Leslie. I am so thankful that my mother let me read to her when I was a child and she helped me learn at home. As for these kids they don’t seem to have a chance at all because their parents would rather have a check than to help them learn. It’s a sad situation indeed. I just pray that mom’s that do care will take the time out to help their children and not expect the school system to do it for them.

  2. Hi Louie,
    I am not so sure it is an issue of the government overstepping its bounds, but it does seem that whenever there is a good program that exists to help, there are always people willing to work the system and even “sacrifice” their own children. The real problem is Satan running people’s lives.

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