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With a spring in my step and guitar in my hand, I was off to the jail to sing them the new song I learned. Often times the hymn “Just as I am” is played during the invitation in church houses every Sunday morning, but tonight, it was the opening scene. I have been studying about the laws and how when I was a youngster, I was made to abide by all of them. The ones I am talking about are growing up in a household where it was imperative to obey the rules. Believe me, there were too many to keep up with and many we got in trouble for.  I realized as an adult it’s not about rules, but about a relationship with Jesus. So, back to the song, the only way we can come to God is just as we are. But so many times we are told we need to clean up our act, and then come to the church house. We have it all wrong; we say yes to Jesus and He cleans us up. “It’s not by power or by might, but by the Holy Spirit, says the Lord.”

I think somewhere along the way we have been told we need to be Super Christians. You know the guy who comes to the church house every time the doors are open or else he doesn’t love God. The guy who falls on his face before God 6 hours a day in prayer after reading the Bible for 3 hours in a row. The Super Christian, who witnesses to the animals in the park, feeds the hungry, clothes the poor and gives rides to everyone who walks down the road. This guy is made up by the enemy, Satan who wants us to think that God is a terrible dad who doesn’t love His children. He has been lying to us from the beginning and that is one of his best lies of all time. If he could make us believe that God is up in heaven looking down on us, pointing his finger at us with a list of our wrongs, we wouldn’t seek out who God really is.

The good news is…God went to a lot of trouble to send His son to earth to be born of a virgin, grow up in human flesh, so He could die on the cross in our place, be raised from the dead and ascend to the right hand of the Father so He could send the Holy Spirit to indwell redeemed man to prove to us He loves us more than we can imagine. That is who the real super Christian is. His name is Jesus. The point is He is our Father and He wants us to be in a love relationship with Him. He does that by wooing us, calling our name, loving us and changing us from glory to glory.

We sure did have a great time tonight in jail. It was Mrs. Zander, Tammy, Margo, JoAnna, Billie Jo and me and the Lord had something to say and used us to say it. I started out with playing “Just as I am” on the guitar, and then JoAnna spoke about God wanting obedience, not sacrifice. Margo talked about a note a lady stuck in her pocket on her way out of school today that described the birth of Jesus in real life, gritty terms as being smelly and dirty. Joseph would have been tired and Mary cried loud when Jesus came into the world; it was not at all silent; which went right along with Tammy’s message and song about the labor of love Mary went through on Christmas in David’s town.

The lady we met with after the service had a revelation tonight as God spoke through us about other people seeing a change in her since she got saved in jail. She wanted to talk last week because she wasn’t released as expected, but now God showed her how He wants her to trust Him and nobody else. She is a seeker of the Word and it shows because her questions for us have changed. Instead of asking about how God works in her life, she is asking about how she can make a difference in someone else’s life. WOW, did she just say that out loud?

I’m just glad I don’t have to be a super Christian when I know God wants me to come just as I am without one plea. Just say yes to Jesus, He is waiting for you.

Written by Tracey


One thought on “JUST AS I AM

  1. This is good on trying to be the Christian we think we should be instead of just looking to God and being whatever comes from that. B

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