You follow mePhoto by Tracey Lewis
You follow me
Photo by Tracey Lewis

It’s always tempting to look at others and have opinions about what they are supposed to be doing. This happens in families, churches and the workplace. I guess it happens and will continue to happen as long as we think we’re in charge of something. If we think we know better than anyone else or we have to supervise everyone we’ll continue to nose our way into other folks business.

It seems every time I start to look at others with the idea that they aren’t doing what they should be doing I am reminded of the story in the last chapter of the gospel of John.  Jesus had been crucified and Peter and some of the other disciples had gone fishing. At some point a man calls to them from the shore and they soon discover it’s Jesus. So, they make their way to him and he gives Peter some very specific instructions. He asks him “Do you love me?” and tells him to feed his sheep. After this conversation Jesus says to Peter “Follow me!” Two simple little words “Follow me!”

As Peter and Jesus are walking along the disciple John is following behind them. Peter asks Jesus “Lord, and what about this man?” Peter is walking with Jesus and yet he wants to know what John’s job is. Jesus gives him the simplest and most profound answer. He says, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!” In a very kind way Jesus tells Peter to mind his own business, right? In other words it isn’t Peter’s job to know what John’s job is. Besides Peter already has been given instructions because Jesus told him to “feed my sheep” and “Follow me.”

I have found that if I can just define for myself what my role, or job, is and focus on that; I have more than enough on my plate without inquiring about what everyone else’s job is, don’t you? Don’t misunderstand me I am still tempted everyday to look at others and think “Is that what you are supposed to be doing?” Or “Why aren’t you doing such and such?” I have to believe if they are God’s he will get them where he wants them. The Holy Spirit will do a much better job than I. There may be times when I am supposed to say something to a brother or sister but as a rule I tend to leave that for God to sort those things out.

Written by Louie


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