Photo illustration by Tracey Lewis
Photo illustration by Tracey Lewis

Tonight in jail was a little different than most nights but not in a good way. The night began with disrespect from a few of the inmates toward the faculty. Immediately the matter was settled as we prayed and asked God for his peace to prevail. The next distraction came when a couple of girls were coughing so hard they went into the restroom separately to get sick. Wow, what’s going on I whispered to God. We continued to pray and depend on God for what He wanted to do in that room this night. Tammy got up to sing and prayed once more and the Holy Spirit began to work in our hearts.

I broke the ice by commanding a glove I brought with me to stand up. It kept falling over, so I commanded the glove to rake leaves….. Or to turn the page of the Bible that was right there next to the glove. It refused to do anything and frankly, I was getting a little upset with the whole thing. I am kidding, of course, because we all know a glove can not do anything without a hand inside of it. It’s not the glove that makes things happen, it’s the one who is inside the glove. We are living the glove life as well, except it is not a hand, but the Holy Spirit who moves us. Wait, if a person is not born again, it could be Satan who is operating that person. We are never empty nor are we without an operator inside. We are crucified with Christ; nevertheless we live; that is how our human spirit is joined to the Holy Spirit. We have to die and God resurrects us through His son, Jesus. He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit, it also says in Ezekiel 36 I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes. Here is that glove life I was talking about. We must understand that without the Spirit indwelling us as a born again believer, we could not be righteous, holy, perfect or enter into the Kingdom of Heaven because that is how we get there; through Jesus Christ not in our own independent self, because in reality we don’t have an independent self.

John 15:1 says I am the true vine, which indicates there must be a false vine. He is the vine and we are the branches, we abide in Him and Him in us. I gave them 7 verses in John talking about how Jesus didn’t do anything on His own initiative. He only did what He saw His Father do or say. How is it that we think we can do anything without looking to the Father? Jesus didn’t do it nor are we going to do it; its how the glove life works.

Later on after I spoke, Tammy got up there and shared about how she broke her ankle, I mean broke it to where it was dangling from her leg. She emphasized how it was not God who did it to her, but how she was just learning what the voice of the Father sounds like. She learned the hard way, like we all do, but God brought her through this gruesome experience so she could tell us what great lengths God goes to build a relationship with us because He loves us. Her story was really powerful and God used it mightily.

Shortly after the service Tammy and I got some notes to see some girls who wanted to talk in the law box. One girl, who doesn’t mind that I use her real name, is Brittanie. She loves to tell us how God brings her through trials and she is learning to trust Him more and more everyday. I have literally watched her grow into a woman of God right before my very eyes. Her daughters have a brand new mom and don’t even know it, YET.

The last lady we saw tonight wanted to talk about the Lord because she seems to be the lone Christian in her cell. She is frustrated with the women who say they love God, and yet act a different way. We told her we see the same thing all around us. The answer is to trust God that He loves them and let Him use us how He wants to; but to know we are the glove that the hand of God operates from within.

Written by Tracey


7 thoughts on “LIVING THE GLOVE LIFE

  1. really enjoyed the glove example, funny how the simplest things reveal the spiritual truths in a way that anyone can understand them, but after all, it is a simple message, but man has done all he can do to confound it and make it seem so hard.

  2. i did a study once on that word from ezekiel 36–cause–it was a very interesting word in the hebrew language–it was like a hand from an outside source that reaches inside of a person to guide them to a particular action–it is a picture of gods spirit inside of us.

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