Thanksgiving dinner at the Lewis’
Photo by Tracey Lewis

This Thanksgiving has been different than any other. I guess we expect things to be the same all the time and when something doesn’t go like we think it should, disappointments prevail. My family didn’t meet up together on Thursday this year due to a family member having to work, which is not uncommon, except I didn’t get the memo and my feelings were hurt. It didn’t last long though because it forced me to think of the many other people who do not have their family with them on Thanksgiving either.

Those people whom I am talking about are the ladies in jail. We had something in common this year and I was able to share what really matters in times like these. Romans 10:9 explains how God raised Jesus from the dead and for that I am thankful. Jesus died on the cross for our sin, but God raised Him from the dead. We have life through Jesus Christ because of the resurrection. Another thing I shared with them is how I am thankful Jesus chose us, John 15:16, we didn’t choose Him, but He chose us. In our fallen state, we weren’t even looking for Jesus. We were lost, and an enemy of Christ, its Jesus who pursues us and for that I am thankful. Talking about these things and focusing on what really matters takes our mind off of our circumstances and brings hope and encouragement.

I can count on Jesus because in Him I have peace, and His word says He will never leave me nor forsake me. I love Him because He first loved me and His love is manifested in me; 1 John 4:9. I think I could go through almost anything knowing His promises are true, and I can count on Him. The ladies agreed with me about this because being in jail on the holidays is really hard on the mommas.

There are so many things we can be thankful for this Thanksgiving but lets focus on the things which are eternal not on the temporal things that will fade away. I was reminded that everyday is thanksgiving when you love the Lord. He makes us thankful without being told to be thankful.

I got a Christmas card from the work release program girls, thanking me for loving them and sharing the gospel with them. I tell ya, that right there makes my heart more thankful than all the food any family can cook, although I am very thankful for family and food.

So no matter how you spend your Thanksgiving holiday, whether you participated in the Turkey Trot like I did or you were just lying around watching T.V. by yourself. I pray for you to be focused on the one who gave us life and share Him with everyone who will listen. For that I am thankful.

Written by Tracey


2 thoughts on “THANKSGIVING 2012

  1. the only thing im not thankful for is that when you try to share with folks about what the truth is on knowing jesus in the personal living way they dont want to listen–however im thankful that jesus lets me know its ok cause its not my job to make em listen but his.

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