Photo by Tracey Lewis

It was up to the broccoli to say whether he was telling the truth or not, I mean, was he going to eat it like he said he would. Let me back up and tell you the whole story. It was in my apartment when Louie and I were divorced. I invited him to come over and I would cook for him. He said he would eat anything I cooked, so I set out to see if he meant it. I got the cheese real good and hot so it would melt on top because I knew Louie loved cheese. I even cooked butter in it because he liked lots of butter too. But broccoli is still broccoli no matter how you cook it. So…it was time for the big moment. Was he going to do what he said he was going to do? The answer is yes, but he didn’t like it and I didn’t make him eat the rest of it, but he made a big dent in it. Now you ask me why is the broccoli a big deal?

Louie and I had been divorced for two years at this point. I was making a life for myself and wasn’t sure where he fit into it. One thing I knew for sure and that was, God told me to pray for Louie every day. I didn’t know why, I just didn’t want to argue with God about it anymore, so I did it. I was going to church on a regular basis, going to choir practice and being involved with the ladies group. I had quit smoking too, which I was very proud of myself for doing.

Well, back to the story, it was a Sunday morning and I was getting ready to take my place in the choir when someone said, “Louie’s here.” I looked around and sure enough, there he was with his bible in hand. He said he wasn’t there for me, but he was looking for answers. He made sure Bro. Larry knew why he was there too. At one point during the song service, I looked his way and a tear ran down my cheek.

I knew something was up, so later Louie and I talked. Some people thought we might get back together but neither one of us was thinking that far ahead. Although, Louie called and came over a time or two, and maybe even went to Wal-Mart together to shop for groceries, separately of course. A loose lipped clerk blurted out that we got along so well and asked if we were a couple. Little by little things were said and thoughts were thought.

That’s when I invited him over for dinner. He brought me a rose that night, which later he told me it came from one of the rose bushes I had planted in the yard years ago. This dinner came at a time after Louie and I went to the altar at revival and he let God into his heart and life. Louie wanted God to prove to me that he meant business. He said he would eat anything I fixed him to eat for dinner, so broccoli was going to tell me if he was for real or not. Guess what? He ate the broccoli!

Written by Tracey


3 thoughts on “HE ATE THE BROCCOLI

  1. Now me, I like broccoli, but for Louie to eat broccoli, that was agape love. Has he eaten any since? Well, at least eating it helped him get you back, and he had broccoli grace for the occasion.

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