Tracey and her mother Faye
Tracey and her mother Faye
If I were you and you were me
I would tell you about my knees.
It was on a Tuesday I had surgery,
Boy oh boy and me oh me.

When I woke up four hours later than that,
I itched everywhere that I could scratch.
My dreams were so real I could tell you more
about the silver spider that ended up on the floor.

Maybe it was the oxygen or the pills
but the thing in my head I wasn't sure was real.
All I know is soon I would be getting out of bed
but I lay here trying to get comfortable instead.

After I received a blood transfusion,
After my head cleared of confusion,
It was off to the nursing home I went,
Now for the leg machine, my knees to bend.

The dull ache that invades my day,
But my legs are working with little pain.
Up and down to the bathroom I go
Even though I go very slow.

Everyone has a different point of view,
I say everyone who comes into my room.
Gives me love and encouragement
that I believe are heaven sent.

Got my staples out with a little sting,
Along with a bath and a shower chair thing.
Rubbing my legs with vitamin E. 
so not to notice the scars on my knees.

The day has come to leave and go home to my own bed,
I am taller now because I can see in the mirror the top of my head.
I sit in the breezeway and talk with my friends,
Happy ever after is a good way for this poem to end.

Written by Tracey           A poem documenting Faye's double knee surgery

One thought on “MORE THAN JUST KNEES

  1. hey tracey i was just wondering can i send u the poem i wrote while i was in the women of hope. not sure if you have heard it but i sent a copy to ms zander for her to read to the ladies in jail. if so just txt me or fb message me and ill get it to you

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