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Walking by faith isn’t always understood by others. Sometimes doing what God is telling you to do may be perceived by others as if you don’t care. For instance when Jesus received the news that Lazarus was sick he waited until he died to go to him. When Jesus finally arrived, Lazarus’ two sisters, Martha and Mary, sort of scolded Jesus saying, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” This is of course the reason we read “Jesus wept.” These two women who were perhaps closer to him than anyone still didn’t get it. They thought Jesus would resurrect Lazarus “on the last day”, but Jesus said, “I am the resurrection!” In other words where Jesus is dead people come to life.

Sometimes we may be forced to take our hands off of a situation and wait for God to do what only he can do. When others see us not doing what they think we ought to do they may get the idea that we don’t care but it may be just the opposite. Sometimes taking your hands off of a situation is proof that you do care rather than not.

I love to watch the T.V. show Intervention. They have a camera crew follow someone around that has agreed to do a documentary about addiction. They don’t tell the person that an intervention is coming. At the end of the show the family meets with an interventionist and learns how to deal with the addict. One of my favorite lines from one of the interventionist is “Tomorrow we’re going to make their problem—their problem!” You see most of the time addicts have one or more people around them that are enablers. They’re people who give them money, rides, a place to stay or some other means of protection which actually serves to hurt them rather than help them. That’s where the interventionist comes in. They help the enablers to see how what they are doing is hindering rather than helping the addict.

Usually when the addict first comes into the room and sees all of their family and friends they feel ganged up on and want to run away. If they can get them to sit down and listen they usually remind them of their past and how great things used to be and offer them an opportunity to go to rehab or some other medical facility specifically suited for their needs. If the addict acts like they don’t want to go then they give them the ultimatum. They tell them what their bottom line is if they refuse. For instance someone might say, “If you refuse to go to treatment I am no longer going to give you money, a place to stay etc.” If things get to this point the addict might say, “You don’t care about me.” Or “You are so mean, you can’t do this to me –You don’t love me!” You see the truth is they love them too much to keep helping them die. Because that is what an enabler is really doing.

Back to Lazarus, Martha and Mary; could it be that Jesus knew it was going to take drastic measures to get others to really see who he is? If Jesus came sooner and healed Lazarus, rather than raise him from the dead, would people really understand who he was? Sometimes we may have to risk offending people or making them angry in order to accomplish the greater goal. I think Jesus wept because the sisters simply didn’t really get who he was and what he was doing. This is the same with intervening on an addict. They may misunderstand what’s happening at first but for their sake we have to be willing for them to hurt a little at the beginning if it’s going to bring life to them in the end.

Written by Louie


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