Tracey and I watched a little four month old dog experience the ocean for the first time this morning. At first he was spinning in circles excited to be in the sand and he just spun faster as Tracey approached. Then the moment came as his master lead him closer and closer to the ocean. He was very close and yet still so distracted by his surroundings of sand. Then the moment came; He looked, saw the surf and the vastness of the ocean stopped him in his tracks. I thought this was a picture of what we all do. We all start out in life unaware of God’s presence but at some point we are going to have to come face to face with him. This little dog gave me a snapshot of life. He was excited to be on the beach and to meet Tracey then there was the ocean! When he saw the ocean it was if his life changed and suddenly became serious for the first time. Soon after he started digging a hole with his face down as if unaware again of this massive body of water before him. I thought this is just like most of us. We have a moment when we become very aware of God’s presence but the busyness of life, or hole digging, serves as a great distraction. The beautiful thing is even when we are distracted God’s still there.

Written by Louie


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