Participating in the jail’s work release program
Photo by Tracey Lewis

She said to me, “since I have given my life to God, going through the things in here (jail) and seeing how people in here act, I feel grown.” This is coming from a 26 year young lady who grew up on the streets and knew what the streets taught her. She lived her whole life with attitude and gangster ways. There were people in her life that would die for her and some that would rather kill her. It was a rough way to grow up but it’s all she knew.

She came to jail and shortly after being locked up, she started to come to church because of a cell mate who wasn’t afraid of her angry attitude and kept asking her to join her in reading the bible. Soon after that I received a note from her asking if I would talk with her in a law box after services. She was eager to let me know that she gave her life to God. She wanted someone to know about it and she picked me. She wasn’t sure how all this God-stuff worked but she was willing to give it a try.

One move she made was to unleash her childhood drama on me which made me cry. The good news about her tragedy was that she wants to help other children before they get into foster care. She will admit that this trip has been a tough one, but at this point in the journey, she isn’t willing to give up.

One of her foster parents now has the care of her two children and the road has been a turbulent one. She started harboring hard feelings toward the woman and it defiled many around her including the Chaplin of the jail. One very important Sunday service in jail, she forgave this woman and also the Chaplin, Mrs. Zander. She tells of how her hugs changed after the supernatural forgiveness took place. “It was a different hug after the forgiveness”, she said, “before it was just a hug like anyone else but after that, it was a real hug.” After this, she started forgiving people she didn’t think were forgivable.

She said, “I ran into a guy I knew on the streets and I didn’t want him to remember me for the way I used to be. So I sat under this tree and asked God to let him see who I am now, not who I used to be. He was watching me from a distance and I was messing with a gas can that was a hundred years old; I couldn’t figure out how to put the gas in it. I didn’t get mad or anything. He came over to see if I needed help. Later he made the comment that he was reading his bible and I said I am too!”

She said there are 4 points or reasons why I want to stay right with God.

1. God

2. My girls

3. Because of what people used to think about me

4. Because of how people think of me now.

She will be the first one to tell you that jail saved her life because God loved her enough to not give up on her. What a difference God can make in our life when we say yes to Him. And that’s just what she did.

Written by Tracey


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