Free from the bondage of the past

I never know what to expect when I minister at the Christian County Jail; each time has its own flavor and tonight did not disappoint me. Tammy Strader, Joyce Zander and I were the only ministers, and Jesus Christ was the main focus. I set out to teach on Romans 8 which talks about deliverance from bondage, victory in Jesus, Christ dwelling in you, and walking according to the Spirit. All these things were talked about, but not by me. Tammy illustrated over and over so clearly what it looks like to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. She mentioned about five things that we have heard our whole life and believed to be the truth. For example, the truth will set you free. What it really says is that if you KNOW the truth, (Jesus is the truth) and the truth will set you free. One more example I thought was really good was when she said, “God helps those who help themselves.” But if you think about it, God helps those who can do nothing for themselves. If we could do stuff without the Lord, we wouldn’t need Him. God was showing them, through Tammy, that listening only to God and reading His word, will we know that we know who God is and the enemy can not trick us so easily. Tammy made us think and she makes a lot of sense. Tonight she said, “every time you make a right decision, you pass up an opportunity to make a wrong decision.”

Joyce gave Tammy and me all the time we needed and we used every bit of it too. Before I knew it my time was over and it was time to call it a night. I didn’t use the notes I had because Tammy nailed it home of what I was going to say. Instead, the Lord put on my heart to share some things that have gone on in my life. I told them my testimony and how I came to the place in my life where I needed Jesus. We all come to the Lord the same way and that is broken, humbled and in need. Once we are born again, we are changed from that moment and our spirit is joined the Holy Spirit. We are perfect, whole, complete and at rest. He completes us, nothing and no one else. Jesus said on the cross, “it is finished.” There was no more to be done. He did it all. He comes to live in us, and He keeps us.

I remember a distinct time in my life that I knew my behavior didn’t line up with who I really am. “The thing that I want to do, I don’t do; and the thing I want to do, I don’t do.” I told them a story of when I was taking pills and drinking at the same time. I blacked out that night, someone told me I threw up, and my best friends boyfriend took me home. I ended up sleeping with him and although I don’t remember it, I made plans for us to sleep together again. It broke my heart to see the hurt in my boyfriend, and my best friends’ eyes. It made me realize that was not who I was. I sought out a church and eventually came to the church of which I am currently a member. My pastor prayed with me and I knew at that moment I was forgiven actually, I was forgiven way before I asked for it. But I needed to agree with God that what I done was not who I was and I wanted to be changed. And He did. I thought it might be hard to talk about this, but the devil will not hold me in bondage over something that I am free from.

I tell this to the girls all the time, “God did not come here to make bad people good, He came here to make dead people live.” Are you alive in Christ today? The Lord is not far away, as a matter of fact, He is right here, right now, waiting for you. He is not going to give up on you, Jesus Christ went the distance to love us, and He is not going to stop now.

It’s Christ alone and nothing else, He made the whole world without your help and He doesn’t need our help now. Just let Christ be Christ in your life and He is able to keep you.

Written by Tracey


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