Sometimes it’s difficult to see God in our lives when everything falls apart. I mean what are we to think when a child dies, we lose our job, the economy collapses or a tornado destroys our house? Can God really be in those moments?

While we know that we live in a fallen world and sometimes the pressures and hurts are simply a result we also have those times when we are led to ask “God where are you or why is this happening to me?”

Recently Tracey and I went to a conference with people that understand pain, loss and the trauma of trying to live life in their own power. Of course if you know your Bible you know we have no power to live life apart from Christ but most only come to that conclusion after we have completely exhausted all of our own resources and even our own physical strength most of the time.

Meredith Bub sat with several of us Saturday night for dinner. While there were so many things shared it was one particular thing she said that I remember. Meredith has a young son and she made the statement “I’m going to fail him and it’s good for him that I fail him.” Wow! To someone that isn’t listening by way of the Spirit this would sound insane. The truth is if we are depending on other things rather than God it is good that they fail us. It seems most of the time it is only when other things such as jobs, reputations, family members, etc. fail us that we look to the only one that will not fail and his name is Jesus Christ. Meredith was simply acknowledging that she wants her son, Riley, to learn to trust Christ over and above anyone or anything else. Sadly enough he’s most likely going to be like the rest of us and have to feel the disappointment that comes when we have our faith misplaced.

At some point we will all be let down if we are trusting in anything other than Christ. Jeremiah 17:5 says, “Thus says the Lord, cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, and whose heart turns away from the Lord.” When we are trusting in anything other than Christ we are under a curse. The flesh cannot please God in fact it is hostile to him. When we are putting faith in other things it is really a blessing in disguise when it or they fail us. Let me end with Psalm 20:7 “Some boast in chariots and some in horses, but we will boast in the name of the Lord, our God.”

Written by Louie



      • it went just fine–i talked about the co-crucifiction of the believer with christ therefore theres no use in a dead person trying to live by the letter–one lady told me that made her feel defeated and i said good maybee now you will let christ do the livin–after some discussion she started to see what i was getin at–i told her its a struggle to learn how to get out of gods way–so i felt good about the sermon and will leave the results up to god.

      • That is so true it takes a revelation from God to see it. Without a shift in your mind/spirit you will continue to try.
        I had a discussion with some folks today at a coffee shop about “Christ in us” and how if he isn’t the doer it isn’t going to get done.
        I told them I think most people are confused about the difference of soul and spirit and are still ruled by their thoughts, feelings and body appetites and cravings rather than the Holy Spirit in them.

        Well anyway I’m going to post something pertaining to this very thing in the next couple days so I’ll leave it till then.
        Thanks for letting me know about your sermon though I’m glad to hear it.

  1. This is very nice… I love the things you guys write… and yes as parents it is soooo important for us to take action and responsibility but we also need to remember to step back… what a lovely thing she said “I will fail him “…. I wasent there to hear the story but it sounds like she is so honest with herself and walking in the light that she can say “I will fail him but Jesus will not “….. it can be hard to be honest with ourselves sometimes especially when we want to provide everything for our kids. Love this story!!!

  2. That’s an awesome lesson for any parent. One day we won’t be around for our kids to be dependant on. How much better to provide them with faith in a God that is eternal as their provision! Good stuff!

    • Amen Faithie, there is something about a mother saying “It’s good that I fail him” about her son is a bit shocking on the surface but shows what true love is once you see it. God is the only one that absolutely will not fail!
      Thanks Faithie,

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