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When the Children of Israel were crying out to God to be delivered from Egyptian bondage they didn’t think of how it would really happen. Most of us know the story of how God called Moses to go and confront the Pharaoh telling him “Let my people go!” Of course he didn’t want to do that and so they had to battle a series of God sent plagues  Eventually the Pharaoh had enough and let them leave.

The thing about this I thought of today was what the Children of Israel would have to deal with after they were set free. They had to walk through the desert in order to get to the Promised Land. They had to do this by faith because there were no convenient stores or drive through, fast food chains out there to rely on. In fact most of the time they seemed to complain about the conditions and even planned to return to Egypt. They thought even though they were slaves at least they had food. Of course all of the complaining and fussing didn’t set well with Moses or God; so they had to deal with some even more difficult things along the way such as fiery serpents and attacks from enemies.

The Children of Israel wanted out of Egyptian bondage really bad and they cried out to God to deliver them. He sent Moses and brought them out, but it was only a short time before they were complaining about how he was doing things. They would say to Moses something like “I’m thirsty, I’m hungry or I’m hot! We should go back to Egypt!” Sometimes we ask God for things and he grants our requests but we don’t like the way he gets us there. I for one am starting to see how he does respond to our prayers when they are in line with what he wants but this doesn’t mean the road won’t be a little bumpy at times.

While I was at work today I saw myself in this story in a fresh way. I remember working at a place I really didn’t like and wanted so badly to find new employment. I asked God if he would give me something, even if it didn’t pay as much, as long as I could still attend church and teach Sunday school, and go to the jail and prison. Wouldn’t you know he gave me exactly what I asked him? I don’t get paid as much as before, but I am able to do those very things and it doesn’t conflict with my work schedule. While there are things about my job now that I don’t like most of the time when I start to complain I remember that God gave me exactly what I asked him for and he didn’t promise me I would like everything that goes along with it. In the end I suppose the lesson is don’t lose sight of what God is doing in your life even though it may not feel great or seem so easy all of the time.

Written by Louie



  1. yea thats what i have been going thru for the last 10 yrs–letting god run my life instead of me and boy that is very confusing and rough feeling but what choice do i have–im crucified to my own wisdom and im trusting that god knows a whole lot more than i do.

    • You’re exactly right Christ is our life! You say “rough feeling” isn’t it great that feelings come and go and we don’t have to live from them now that we know we are living in the Spirit? I heard once that feelings are the caboose not the engine. We have to let The Spirit of God be the engine and the feelings follow not the other way around.
      Thanks Bro.

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