Photo by Randy Waller

Early on in the week I decided I would read Romans 6, 7 and 8 every day. Louie and I talk about it all the time and we hear different believers talk about it, but I can’t say it has been quickened into my spirit. I wanted God to reveal His own revelation to me about these few chapters. I can say that I understand it more than I ever have and I wanted to share what I learned with the ladies in jail. So we opened up to chapter 6 verse 1 and read to verse eleven. I asked them if the baptism talked about here has anything to do with water; one girl, who sounded confident, led with a firm, “no.” Next I wanted to find out if they knew what the definition of baptism was, but nobody had the answer. “It means, I continued, “to be one with or identified with.” It was clear they were interested in finding out more.

I used the example of the Children of Israel being identified with Moses. As they crossed the Red Sea on dry ground, baptized, no water, and how Pharaoh and his army was destroyed. The Children of Israel could never go back to Pharaoh. This is a picture of Jesus on the cross and how we are identified in Him and crucified, buried and then raised in the newness of life through Jesus Christ. “Even so, consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.” We died, by faith and were raised by faith in Him. It is already a done deal, we either believe it or not. “Sin has no more mastery over us;” sin is no longer our boss. We are a new creature, not an improved creature. Once we are a new creature, we are no longer a slave or what we used to be, a sinner. When a person gets saved or born again, when does he get to live without being conscience of sin all the time? I got saved when I was 8 years old, so I don’t remember a lot about the experience; but when I got older and started having a relationship with Jesus, my life changed. I realize that the maker of the universe loves ME. He went to great lengths to make sure I could depend on Him for everything…..even my sin. I know that I am forgiven of my sin because He took care of that on the cross; I was there in Him at the time. I was also there in Him when God raised Him from the dead. When I think about it, I realize that I am really sitting at the right hand of my Father right now in the Spirit. Doesn’t the Bible say to walk in the Spirit and you won’t fulfill the lust of the flesh?

As I was teaching this to the listening room of ladies, I sensed someone asking, “I’m not where I need to be with the Lord, Miss Tracey. You don’t know the things I have done, things I haven’t told anyone.” I kept talking and I said, “It’s about saying yes to the Lord, bowing your self to Him and just say yes.” It’s more than surrendering; it’s about dying and living unto God. I explained that you can not do this on your own as if you were making a decision. The Lord will draw you, and He will do the doing. We trust Him by faith.

After the service was over, Miss Zander and I were putting the cart away, I saw a young lady outside the jail by the door, waving at me. I told Miss Zander “There’s someone out there waving at us.” She said, “that‘s the work release girls, go out there and talk to them if you want to.” That is exactly what I did. They told me there was a storm on the way so we chit chatted a little more and they came inside. It wasn’t long after that we felt the crunch of the weather bearing down on us and we also called it a night and made it home safe and sound.

Written by Tracey


5 thoughts on “WE LIVE BY FAITH

  1. hi tracey;im so happy to be connected to your web-site the two of you thrill me because i see that you see the reality of what true christianity is all about.

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