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There is so much we can learn about life and death, sin and salvation and God himself in the Bible and yet we are so easily fooled by living in the temporal realm. We have lived for so long walking by sight we are missing what is going on in the spirit.

The world we live in is the plan of God even though it includes such frustration. What if the frustration we feel is a big part of the plan. For instance, Romans 8:20 says, “Creation” or “the creature”, depending on the translation, was subjected to “futility” or “vanity” not willingly, but because of him who subjected it.” Now wait a minute, you mean to tell me God subjected creation to vanity? Let’s keep reading. V. 21 tells us “that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God.”

The futility, or maybe we could say frustration, we sense throughout this fallen creation is in fact the very thing that is going to move us toward God. The futility or vanity we live with is actually a gift from God specifically designed to bring frustration with the temporal. God is Spirit and he’s looking to us as spirits that are living temporarily in time. Our biggest problem is the enemy’s deception has caused blindness, and he’s done a pretty good job of keeping most of us focused on the temporal realm. My friend Sylvia Pearce says, “We are surface dwellers.” We live as though the temporal, material world is all there is when God is constantly shaking us to wake us.

When everything seems to be falling apart could it be a blessing in disguise? Sometimes we see lack, or some need in our life, but what if God sees things the other way around? What if he knows we have all that is necessary in Christ and he sends the lack so “Christ in us” can fill it. For instance, do you remember the Old Testament story about Elisha and the widow? It’s found in 2 Kings 4. This lady’s husband died and she owed creditors she couldn’t pay. Elisha asked her what she had and all she had was a little oil. He told her “Go borrow vessels at large for yourself from all your neighbors, even empty vessels; do not get a few.” Essentially Elijah told her to go and find emptiness, or in other words lack, and fill it. She already had the oil but it wasn’t doing any good without the lack, or empty vessels. You see “In Christ” we already have what we need so God sends the lack or need in order for us to fill it with Christ. From our perspective we tend to see the lack but from God’s perspective he sees supply in us that will meet the need.

I hope that didn’t take you down a rabbit trail, but nevertheless my point is we as believers in Christ are in need of getting God’s perspective on things. We are so easily fooled by what our natural eyes see and get caught up in the temporal. It is said, we are to walk by faith not by sight. Don’t let a temporary frustration cause you to miss what God is really up to in your life. It may look like trouble at first glance, but to God it is just another opportunity for faith.

Written by Louie


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