The father Garrett and the son  Jacob.
photo by Tracey

Life is a journey not a destination and the journey I am on is the strangest life I have lived. The longer I walk with the Lord and the longer I know who I am in Christ the more I know I belong to Him. This week in jail God really spoke to my heart and I mean in a disciplined kind of way. In other words, I got a spanking so don’t mind me if this is a little hard to talk about.

First of all, when I asked my Father what we were going to talk about the next time in jail, He said, “The Gospel” so that is what I talked about. Except I didn’t really talk about the repentance part, but I told them that Jesus died for their sin and now they are forgiven if they receive Jesus and trust Him. I also told them about how we are tempted, compelled, and carried away by sin, but we do not have to listen to the “sin boss.” However, I did not explain what flesh is; which the enemy can use to destroy the minds and ideas in young believers who hear a lot of half truths along their way. The born again Christian has the Holy Spirit in them who is able to provide the way out. I went on to say how the flesh is not a nature but it is weak and the flesh can never please God. We need to believe what God has told us not the things we have heard for years and years.

The next thing to happen was one of the other ministers got up to speak and read from the NIV version of the bible where it uses the term “sinful nature” in place of the word flesh. I am sitting next to her thinking, “I just spent the last 15 minutes telling these ladies the flesh is not a sin nature. Can you imagine the look on my face? Well, that would be the problem. God spoke to me in a gentle and stern manner saying,” She is my child, and I am in this too.” This wasn’t until after the faces made, by the way. I now realize that there was a time in my own life that I didn’t understand the scriptures as I now do. I can look at what I understand right now and may not see it this way after more revelation in the future. I realize I am looking through a glass darkly. God will show us through His word what He wants to show us. This is a very hard lesson for me to learn right now, but one thing I know; I am not on this journey alone. We are being changed from glory to glory and the best part is it’s His glory.

Although I know I got a spanking from my Father, I know that He loves me and I agree with Him and trust Him. I love that we get another chance and that He doesn’t give up on us, especially when we mess up. Thank God we mess up; because that is how we know we can’t do it on our own and it always causes us to depend on Him. I can’t be like Jesus, but I can let Jesus be Jesus inside me. I want to listen to what God says to me and not what I have always heard about God.

I ended the service and will end this Sunshine report with Col. 2:6&7 Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him. Having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, and overflowing with gratitude.

Thank you, Papa for loving us so much.

Written by Tracey


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