Tammy at Barkley Lake
Photo by Tracey Lewis

Hello, my name is Tammy and I am a son(daughter) of God (Romans 8:14). Through this personal relationship with Him, I have gained much and been privileged to experience many wonderful things. It seems like there is an endless supply of firsts lined up for me on this journey, and I have been humbled and feel so privileged to experience them all.

Last Thursday night was one such experience. He gave me the honor of going to the Christian county jail and minister to the ladies there. Knowing of His deep love for these ladies, I am just so humbled and thrilled that He has chosen to love them through me. There were many other ministers there including my sister Tracey. I could see that they were all there because they have experienced the Love of God and are constrained to share it with others.

After being introduced to everyone and some preparation for worship being done, the ladies entered the room and worship began and what sweet worship it was!! I just loved seeing and hearing everyone in that room lifting up my Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. Everyone in that room had chosen to be there. We all were there in different forms on a journey with the same person, the person of Jesus Christ. I have never experienced anything like it. Thank You, Jesus!! Someone looking with natural eyes only could have seen a difference in us due to clothing, but God only looks on the heart. There was such beautiful singing that I am sure rang sweet in His ears. Then to hear the prayer where soul after soul just cried out in thanksgiving and praise to Him for all He Is and does was such a blessing to me so I can only imagine the joy He felt. Then there was a skit called “The Stool” in which I had the opportunity to participate which was both entertaining as well as enlightening. There was also teaching of the Word. All of it was done to glorify Him.

After services were over, Tracey and I counseled with a young lady for a good while and we all had our faith grow as we personally experienced His working. I can’t tell you how amazing it was. Thank You, Lord!! I have found following His leading always leads to blessings. It’s funny how I went to try and be a blessing and walked away feeling like I was blessed above all…but that’s how my Father works.

Written by Tammy Strader



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