Emanuel and Terri at Coffee Connection
Photo by Tracey Lewis

The Coffee Connection coffee shop in downtown Hopkinsville Kentucky is quite an amazing hub of activity. On any given day you might meet someone arriving for or leaving a Bible study, someone in need of a drink to cool off after a long walk or someone simply stopping by to say hello.

Since Monday is my usual day off of work that’s when I get in on the fun. Today was no different. I went downtown to Coffee Connection to give a friend a book and enjoy a great cup of coffee. I drink mine black so I never have to worry about finding Splenda, sugar, cream or anything else people may put in coffee. It makes life simpler and I’m into simple. For an hour or so I sat on the couch and joked with the usual suspects; Terri, John, Emanuel and Pat. There were a few people that came in and out but nothing out of the norm. Wally Bryan our former mayor has an office upstairs so he came through and talked briefly before he was on his way.

Pat, Louie and Tracey at Coffee Connection

A young man came to a stop out front on a bicycle and came inside. I recognized him right away; he is someone that I have been seeing in jail for the past couple years. He saw me and spoke to me as he made his way to a table to fill out an application for employment. It was only a few minutes later another young man came in and sat down beside him. I overheard them talking, and it was obvious they knew each other from being in jail together. They soon parted ways saying to each other “stay out of trouble.”

Ron Hicks a pastor of a local church stopped in as he often does and found a seat. As conversations crossed over one another changing smoothly from one subject to another, yet another young man entered and you guessed it he and I recognized each other also. He too was familiar to me from my frequent visits to our local jail. I noticed he moved with a slight hesitation and limp. Right away he asked if he could talk to me one on one and of course I said sure. We moved to a semi-private area and he began to tell me his troubles. He said he recently was released from jail but had been in the hospital. Somehow he had gotten an infection in his leg that in turn made its way into his blood stream and caused him to have what could have become kidney failure.

This man had lost everything, his car, house, clothes, cell phone and almost his life. He truly was at rock bottom and needed some sort of direction to go in. I told him I didn’t know what to tell

Ron Hicks and Louie at the Coffee Connection
Photo by Tracey Lewis

him but there were some people right in this very building that would know who to contact. We went over and talked with Ron and Emanuel about his situation and it was only a matter of minutes before Ron was on the phone making connections. He called a lady that runs an outreach type of ministry only a few blocks away that gives away clothes, shoes and other things to those in need. The lady wasn’t at the shop but she was near by so she said she would meet us there in ten minutes. As soon as Ron hung up with her he contacted our local Salvation Army shelter and found out what this young man needed in order to stay there that night. They told him he needed to be there with a picture ID and they would feed him. This is an amazing place and aptly named the Coffee Connection because there were definitely some connections being made today.

Like I said, this guy had no vehicle so we hopped in my car and followed Ron up the street to meet the nicest lady. She opened the door to the shop and we entered to find rows of pants, shirts and children’s clothing. He found two or three pairs of pants, some shirts, underclothes and even a backpack to put them in. All of this happened so fast it had to be a divine appointment.

After the quick shopping spree the young man and I parted ways with Ron. I asked him where he wanted to go and we were off to a friend’s house. On our way he asked me if I had a few dollars he could have and all I had was a handful of change which couldn’t have been but a little over a dollar so I gave it to him. As he was about to get out of my car I asked him to sit back down and let me pray for him. He said okay so I prayed a quick prayer that God would continue to show him how much he loved him and for wisdom so he would make the right decisions as he looked for work. All in all it was quite an amazing adventure, and I know this whole thing was orchestrated by God.

Written by Louie



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