Photo by Tracey

Headache, annoying cats and slow internet are all the things you don’t want on a Monday morning. One thing is good though, today is a day off from work. Where do you go from here?

We all have our times when we feel agitated or edgy. I tell people it’s okay to feel frustrated; it doesn’t mean God isn’t present or on the job. Feelings come and go just like the wind. You can wake up in the morning feeling tired, depressed or even angry but it may be only ten minutes later you feel great. Feelings aren’t what we base our lives on God is.

Brian Coatney and I do a Bible study at the local jail. The men we have are the ones they deem “violent offenders” and most of them are on their way to Prison. One of the guys last night asked me, since he knows about my past drug and alcohol addictions, if I had to separate myself from friends in order to stay straight. I told him in my case most of my friends sort of just stop coming around me already. I truly had come to the realization that drugs and alcohol were no longer going to be a part of my life and it didn’t matter what anyone else was going to do. Brian jumped in and asked the guy “What if the cravings never go away? Sometimes people live the rest of their lives dealing with the temptation to drink or do drugs even though they aren’t engaging in them any more. What then?”

We all live in a fallen world that is filled with things meant to tempt us. If it wasn’t for the temptation pulling at us we would never discover how God can keep us in them. It seems everything in the world that pulls at us is really meant to lead us back to the Spirit of God and how he is the only one that can truly satisfy the need we’re searching to fulfill.

Temptation comes into our lives primarily to reveal some felt need in us that only Jesus himself can fulfill. We tend to think we are suppose to always feel good or settled as if being delivered means being delivered from all disturbances. This isn’t true anytime in life. As long as we are in this world we will have trouble; hmm? That sounds familiar doesn’t it? This is what Jesus told us, “In the world you will have trouble: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” The really good news is he will overcome it through us too if we would just continue to look to him to keep us.

Written by Louie


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