Mister feasting on the Word
Photo by Tracey Lewis

Reflecting on the night in jail, I see a group of hungry ladies pulling their chairs up to the table to see what’s for dinner. As the ladies filed in to retrieve their place the atmosphere was filled with praises to Jesus as the DVD provided the music. Soon all were joining in to worship the only true God. The table was set, we had plenty to drink and the appetizer was served when Tammy Carr aka Glass, came to open in prayer and share her testimony. She never fails to give God the glory and comments that Jesus Christ is keeping her. She doesn’t keep herself because she wasn’t designed to keep herself. She whets our appetite by telling us how she used to sit in the very seat they are sitting in right now. She knows how the game is played when you commit to God while you go to your cell, but continue in the very behavior God wants to set you free from, like God did for her. She brags through Jesus Christ how she drives a new car, got a good paying job, and God supplies all her needs. She always tells them, “You can have a life in Jesus as well, if you just trust Him.” She goes on to say she was broken; that’s how we all come to the Lord, broken meaning humble, ready to change your mind about what you are doing and how you are living.

As the night went on we looked on the table to see warm, fresh bread, which is Jesus, we worshipped some more and got a little giddy and clapped our hands and danced. It was my turn to share what the Lord laid on my heart. Although I started out with a joke, it got serious pretty quick. The other morning, I woke up with the feeling of dread on me. I am sure it came from a burden I have for one of my family members. I have reached out to this person but seem to be pushed away with every kind gesture. It came to me to just give up on her. Not to care and just leave her alone, walk away, don’t look back and keep going. Then The Lord spoke to me and said, “I didn’t give up on you when you were in a dark place.” I realized it wasn’t my place to give up on her unless God tells me to give up on her, which he isn’t. God wants me to trust Him that He is very aware of the situation and He is in control of it. The main course of this meal is in the story of Pharaoh found in Exodus 8 where it talks about how the plagues came, and then they went away. Once Pharaoh got relief, he would change his mind and harden his heart once more. After a while, God just let his heart stay hard and that was the end of it. If we continue to hear God speak to us, not listen, ignore him and on purpose drive those away who are living for God, He will let you. He loves you so much; He is willing to let you live your whole life like He doesn’t exist. That in itself is your punishment. Here is an example. If you get sand in your eye, you don’t need to be punished for that because that is your punishment. You don’t punish a young boy for taking a skunk to bed with him. Do you see what I mean?

How many chances has God given you? He didn’t give up on you, so you don’t have to give up Him or others. Sometimes we have to push through to get victory and boy, is that sweet? The harder the struggle, the sweeter the victory, the “trick” is to let God do it. He is really good at it and has been doing it for a really long time.

We ate another plate full when Joyce Meyer talked to us about FREEDOM. She said the way we get free is when we come to God with faith like a child. We completely trust Him for everything because when we don’t, we are bound up with unseen chains with no joy, no peace and no witness. She basically said the things we had been saying all night. It is really great how God works that out for His glory.

Now, it was time for the dessert. I couldn’t tell you what flavor was going around the table, but everyone was down on their knees thanking and asking God for a change in their life. We had an altar call, but because we are in jail, we do it a little differently. We get down on our knees facing our chair and nobody can see us while God deals with our hearts. The sound of sniffles and the tissue being passed around is a sure indicator that God is grabbing us by our guts and changing lives. Now that leaves a sweet taste in your mouth for sure. Lip smacking good stuff.

After church I stayed to talk to some girls who have written notes. It is a miracle and an honor to take the opportunity God gives me to minister and to listen to these precious ladies. It makes me so glad that God didn’t give up on me so I can not give up on them.

Written by Tracey


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