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God says more than once in the Bible “Be still and know I am God.” Of course being still is sometimes a sign, in itself, that we trust him because we tend to want to be on the move trying to fix stuff. Our first response to trouble or conflict isn’t normally to be still is it? Most of the time we think “what am I going to do?” or “How am I going to fix this?”

Most of the time we have to give fixing things a good try before we finally get still. It is only when it becomes painfully obvious that our way isn’t working. Normally our being still is the result of being worn out. God seems to be very patient with us, and he waits until we tire ourselves out then he will move in and get things done.

We are what the Bible calls an earthen vessel. An earthen vessel, while it may be painted to be colorful and ornate, is still simply a vessel. Even though we may find the vessel to be attractive it is still ultimately the contents we are after isn’t it? I mean you may have the most beautiful coffee mug in the world, but there is only so long you want to sit and look at it; eventually you are going to want a drink. The main thing about a vessel is its contents. When it comes to us, the earthen vessel, it is said that the Excellency of the power of God is within, and let us not forget this power doesn’t originate with the vessel. The contrast between the outside being earthen and what’s on the inside being of God is the point. If we are so busy on the outside we will miss the contents.

This vessel while containing the “Excellency” is never going to be the “Excellency.” In other words the coffee will never be the cup and vice-verse. It is the same here. Although from the outside others may think we are the ones doing for God; we know it is his very own Spirit within that is moving us to do it. If we aren’t careful we will start to think it is us, and we will begin to believe the vessel is the point making ourselves out to be the doer. Sometimes being still is the only remedy for this.

The quote earlier about being still can be read in the opposite way also. We could say it like this, “Be still and know we aren’t God.” I think you will have to agree that sometimes being still is more difficult than doing things. I think if we keep moving and busy we can trick ourselves into thinking we are making headway. When being still we are saying to God; if you don’t do this, or fix this, it isn’t going to get done. Oddly enough I think there are times when in fact this is what God is waiting for us to say. He’s thinking whew! You were wearing me out running around like that it’s about time you give it to me. It’s just about here that we are reminded there is a rest for the people of God.

Written by Louie



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