Photo by Tracey Lewis

Have you seen the television show called “Total Blackout?” It’s a show that demonstrates your imagination becoming your own worst enemy. They start the person out in a pitch black room with 3 tanks and all three tanks have 3 distinctly different items in them and the person has a short amount of time to name what it is. For example, the first tank might have a live, slithering snake in it. Anything after that is going to cause you not to put your hand in there. The second tank has a stuffed animal and the third would be something like a human foot coming from the bottom of the tank. I wanted the ladies in jail to experience something similar to make a valid point of how we let our imaginations be our guide and we are deceived. I asked for 4 volunteers to stand facing the crowd while I put a slimy, glittery, silly putty like substance out for them to feel behind their backs and try to name it. I told them it might bite so be careful. One girl said it might be a lizard, another girl guessed GAK. We had a good laugh, they got the point and sat back down.

The passage of scripture that fit my demonstration was Isaiah 26:3 “thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusts in you.” Also in Phil. 4:7-9 and another verse is “the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension will guard your heart.” What we believe takes faith. I was going to count today how many times I exercised faith, but it is impossible to count. I would venture to say everything takes faith, and we do it all day long without thinking or seeing it. If we could see faith, it wouldn’t be faith.

Love and Faith go together because next to love in importance is faith. “Love is the driving force.” I quote this from Norman Grubb as well when I say, “Love motivates, but faith acts.” Faith is action. Faith carries out the urges of love. Faith works by love. God is love and love gives therefore its only natural that love is the power. What does faith look like in action? I think a good example of this faith-action or taking something is a chair. For instance the chair you are sitting in right now, you took it to sit in, but once you had done that, the chair now takes you.

One other thing I have learned from Norman Grubb is what you fight fights you. It’s impossible to fight with someone who is silent and won’t argue back with you. We could never accomplish this in the flesh, by the flesh; it happens in the spirit and spills out in your life where others can see it. There are a lot of different emotions going on around us all the time and we get caught up in it, don’t we? We don’t have to be controlled by our feelings though because more than likely they will change in just a moment anyway.

There were a couple of girls who wanted to talk if I had enough time. This is my favorite part of the night, really, because you can concentrate on one person. The first girl didn’t have any questions or problems; I think she just wanted to talk, so I enjoyed listening to her and then praying for her as well.

I found out from the second girl, who I will call Bee, is the great granddaughter of a lady who used to go to our church and has since gone on to be with the Lord. She had other good news about her family she shared with me, but most of all, her focus is back on the Lord. It is easy to believe things people say when there is no way to know for sure. Our solution is to believe what God says about us. God said He would never leave you nor forsake you; He is faithful when we are not faithful to Him. I am glad that He is holding on to our hand and not us holding His.

We watched Tony Evan’s daughter, Priscilla Shirer on DVD on sleep walking through your Christian walk. She talked about rushing to the next thing and passing up what God has for you right now. Even through the stuff you don’t like, God is making Himself known. He is head over heels in love with you, and He will stop at nothing to get your attention, because once we fall in love with Him, He takes over and you can’t help it. He already loves us; He first loved us so that we could love Him back.

Written by Tracey



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