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“You hem me in—behind and before; You have laid your hand upon me.”  Psalm 139:5 NIV

God has a way of getting us where he wants us. It may be a little different for each of us. I’ve always thought it was sort of God’s prescription for our healing. We have a disease called “sin” and he has the only cure. He has the perfect set of circumstances for us in order to get us to be willing to receive the cure; which is Jesus Christ.

For some it’s getting placed in jail or a hospital and for others it’s divorce. For me it was drug addiction, burying friends and getting divorced. I wasn’t in jail at the time, but I was definitely in a place of confinement. I had no employment, no wife, no friends and no direction in my life. I found myself sitting on my couch one day thinking to myself. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have any college or military training. How am I going to pay bills? I found myself completely at a crossroads in life. This was where God hemmed me in. I found myself in a place of complete despair and I had no logical or rational way to get out of it. Until this point I had lived by my wits now I found myself at wit’s end. People like to say, “We always have choices” and that is true in a sense. But at this point my options seemed to be either curl up and die or I start seeking help from someone.

Until I reached my point of hopelessness it never occurred to me that there even was help out there. I mean, I thought being an addict was just my lot in life and this is how it is going to be until I die; which couldn’t come quick enough for me. I was done! I couldn’t go on the way I was going any longer. I had to finally come to the end of trying before I reached out for help.

What seems like the end is really the beginning. It isn’t until we come to the full realization that our way ends in destruction that we turn and try another way. God of course already knows this; so he waits. He wants us to be completely worn down because he knows that is the only way we will ever be truly convinced his way is the only way. We have to give everything a try until we are convinced it won’t work.

Several guys in jail have said something like, “being in jail is God’s way of sitting me down, so I’ll be still and listen.” That is so true. While sitting still and listening may be our last option it is the way we finally hear from God. As long as we are running around living as if God isn’t God and we are; we are in for it. I thank God he knows how to get us where he wants us.

Over and over throughout the scriptures we read where God says to his people “Be still.” I think this is a lost art in our world today. It seems most people always have to be on the go or have noise around them all the time. Sitting still in the quiet is not a common practice. I heard someone once say, “If you want to live like no one else then you may have to live like no one else.” This means if we want a relationship with God that is unlike anyone else’s we may have to live our lives unlike anyone else’s. We may just have to learn to be still and listen. Turn off the radio or T.V. for a little while and just sit. I know it sounds crazy, but God isn’t going to compete for your attention. If you want to hear from him, I mean really hear from him; you may have to take some extreme measures and learn to listen for that still small voice.

Written by Louie


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