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That old serpent the devil is a hijacker. He only knows how to steal what isn’t his in the first place. God, the one and only, is the creator and owner of everything. He created everything to be an expression of him and his character, but his chief light bearer started to think he was the light. Once the lie of independence took root within Lucifer he was destined for darkness. After all God is light and in him is no darkness, but when you start to believe you are the light rather than a means for God to express his light things fall apart. That light that was in Lucifer turned inward and became darkness. It became a “dark light” if you will. While light is always meant to shine for others he started to shine for himself.

In Adam all of humanity joined him in this folly. We too begin our lives with the idea that we are our own person, and we run things independently in our lives. We are our own boss, and we’ll live our lives anyway we see fit. Of course this is a complete and utter failure because it isn’t the way God designed us to operate. Adam opened the door to this false god and ushered all of humanity into the deception of being their own god.

God, who is love, refused to leave us in this dark, deceptive condition and sent his one and only Son to save us. He came here in the likeness of sinful flesh to deliver us–who are all our lives subject to bondage. He lived the perfect human life in submission to the Heavenly Father only to come to the end of his earthly life by being made sin for us. This sin the Bible speaks of is the person of Satan himself. It is a spirit of self-centeredness that Jesus took into his own human body, in order to set us free. Jesus took into his human body the sin that had entangled us and lead us astray. He became sin for us so we could be made the righteousness of God.

To sum it all up I would put it like this. God created man to inhabit, by way of his Spirit, but Satan hijacked us. He deceived us and jumped in the driver seat. He was driving us all along and lived as though we were his possession even though we were stolen property. All the while we were deceived into thinking we were our own driver. Thankfully, God, who is the proper owner of humanity, came and arrested the thief and took back his property. Now for those of us who understand this we can peacefully let God return to his proper place of operating his human vessel anyway he sees fit. We are not our own and we have been bought with a price. We are told to glorify God in our bodies. We are his after all, and he can live in us and through us anyway he sees fit.

Written by Louie



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