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Like most people there are times when I get frustrated at my workplace. Sometimes it’s a coworker, and sometimes it’s simply me being tired of being in the environment and needing a break. Either way I’m sure we all have had those times when we just want to run away. In the last few days it seems God has given me a little insight into how to overcome this temptation toward frustration.

The story of the woman at the well found in John 4 comes to mind. You remember the story don’t you? Jesus comes to a well in Samaria, his disciples leave him there to go find lunch, and he has an encounter with a woman who came there to draw water. He engages her in a conversation by asking her for a drink. She of course is flabbergasted that he would even ask her, I mean after all, she’s a Samaritan woman and he’s a Jewish man. They aren’t supposed to be involved in this conversation let alone drinking and touching the same utensils. The Jews thought the Samaritans were unclean because they weren’t full blooded Jews, but that’s not my point today. What I wanted to share with you is how the frustration is God’s way of directing us to the water.

When Jesus asked the woman for a drink she was shocked and said, “You don’t have anything to draw with.” He said, “whoever drinks of this water will thirst again: but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” Jesus went on to question the woman about her many husbands subtly showing her those men would never ever satisfy the real thirst she had. The world has its wells, but they will always leave us thirsting for something more.

After Jesus talked to the woman about all the men in her life the conversation moved to religion and where God should be worshipped. The woman said, “Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and you say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship.” Of course Jesus then gave her a lesson on God being Spirit, and he is looking for those who worship in spirit and truth rather than some physical location. This woman is just like us in that she wanted true life and she looked for it in men and religion. Jesus on the other hand pointed her to Spirit. We are spirit beings and only the Spirit of God can quench the deep, deep thirst we have.

So, in conclusion let me say, when you feel frustrated because something isn’t going the way you think it should or you just aren’t satisfied with the situation remember it probably isn’t meant to satisfy. When I feel the frustration come it’s as if God is saying to me that is not where the true water is—look to me. He is the only life giving spring that will quench the thirst you have. When you start to feel the frustration rising up don’t forget the living water is in the Spirit.

Written by Louie


4 thoughts on “WHERE THE WATER IS

  1. I wondered where this one was going after the intro, but then the last paragraph went pow, especially the line, “it probably isn’t meant to satisfy.” B

    1. Thank God for the pow! It seems we have to look for the quenching in almost everything else before we are able to see where the real, true life-giving water is.
      Thanks B,

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