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Turning our eyes on Jesus is the way we are transformed. As we lock our spiritual eyes on him we are changed from glory to glory into the same image. It isn’t by us trying to obey laws, straightening our act up or making resolutions to stop some bad behavior; no it is learning to keep focused on Christ.

What if God designed humans in this manner? What if our whole role is to fix our eyes on Christ and let him do all the changing as he sees fit? My theory is we are made to keep our eyes on Jesus but something distracted us. In the Garden of Eden Adam disobeyed God’s direct command about not eating from the Tree of Knowledge. The Serpent told him “The day you eat of this you will be as God.” When he ate it he immediately saw that he was naked because his eyes left God and went toward himself. I think this is because in his deceived mind he truly thought he was now god of his life. Since us humans were designed to keep our eyes on God and he now thought he was god he started to look at himself. Since he believed the lie his gaze went inward and he became self conscious. He started to be self critical, fearful and probably depressed.

What happens when we are self conscious? We do one of two things. We either start to think too highly of ourselves or we get into condemning ourselves. Either way it is a wrong estimation of ourselves all because we are thinking of ourselves as god. Who wouldn’t either pat themselves on the back or beat themselves up? We are completely self absorbed either good or bad. Wow! What a sneaky little deceptive so and so the enemy is. The devil always wanted to be God. I think he wanted it so bad he was willing to receive worship even if it was second hand. When Adam sinned, the enemy, the “spirit of error” took up residence in man. Man started thinking he could run his own life, but in reality it was the enemy feeding him a bunch of bunk.

The enemies plan only continues to work if we remain deceived. I thank God he refused to leave us in the situation we put ourselves in. He gave us his law. His law wasn’t something we could keep and he knew it. It was given so we might see for ourselves we, in fact, aren’t God. God knew the lie had to be exposed and the only way to do that is with the truth. He essentially told us “You think you can be like me! Go ahead and give it a shot then.” Here are my laws and when you obey all of them perfectly we’ll talk. Of course that never happened and never could, but it is only through repeated trying and failing we come to see this. It is then and only then we will look to Christ again.

The Bible tells us “The Law is our schoolmaster to lead us to Christ.” Once we are fully convinced of our inability we will take our eyes off of ourselves and return them to their proper place, on Christ. We then discover “there is no condemnation to them that are in Christ.” No longer looking at ourselves and whether our performance is good or evil we find the rest, peace, joy, love and etc. that God intended all along. I guess we just had to take the long way around, and truly feel the deep effects of our sin and God’s unmerited favor, before we would ever really start to understand how much God loves us.

Written by Louie


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